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Re: How to Sew Your Own Produce Bags

vspindler, I knew that I'd been saving all those mesh bags for a reason! And VegasRedBear, how can I get on your Christmas list? (grin) FAB idea!

Re: How to Make Garden Flower Bath Melts

Ohmyword! I stumbled upon this by accident. I've never heard of "bath melts" before, but now I want to try them out!

Re: Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

I have a crocheted purse pattern which calls for the center of the bottle, but no idea how to use the bottom or the neck. These little "snack containers" are great! I have a pretty heavy-duty sewing machine; I'm going to experiment with different needles. And I love the guitar pick idea, craftypat. And cathyfromyokohama, you should start your own topic thread -- your cat-food-bag-grocery-tote idea is too clever to be a sidenote in someone else's thread. I'd love to see photos!

Re: Book Giveaway: Stripped Down Patchwork

I LOVE Seminole patchwork! I've seen some gorgeous examples in the history museums in Florida. I made a rather traditional shirt for my father YEARS ago and I'd love to own this book to see (and try!) updated uses for the technique.

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

LOVE this! I've been wanting some funky buttons for various projects but was afraid to wash poly-clay. I'm thrilled to know that I can! And I'll definitely bake for additional curing time -- thanks for that tip, too! I'm also thiknking about making shanks from heavy gauge wire, maybe embedding a small spiral of wire into the clay (same principle as rebar in concrete) with a loop for the shank left sticking out of the back of the button. Anyone tried that yet?

Re: Last Chance to Choose the Winner

My vote goes to the Fun Spring Dress! I like the halter top (though the bow is too fussy for me personally -- it makes wide shoulders look wider, and I'd dare not eat spaghetti while wearing it!), and I adore the fabric for the midriff and skirt. I also like the lines of the skirt (great for full hips!), and the midriff creates a flattering hourglass. Lovely for an afternoon concert or gallery opening.

Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

I love anything by Jennifer Worick! This looks like another great book, and I'd be thrilled to own it.