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Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

I made a lot of these for a head band and a hat adding more layers of petals by increasing the chains and etc. But what I really like about this sample is that she didn't really use a completely different color for the second layer mainly just a different type of yarn that has more of a sheen to it. Great effect!

Re: How to Make Monogrammed Fleece Slippers

Homespun slippers

This is a verified link as of January 24, 2014

Cost $8

I would make these with wool fleece as lining for maximum comfort and warmth. Also, I like "Favorite Things" fabric choices better as well. Depends on how homespun you want them to look.

Re: How to Make Snuggly Slippers from Old Sweaters

They not only look comfy they are a lot prettier than most slippers for sale. I wasn't surprised you came to the conclusion that next time you would omit the seam allowance, I like my slippers to fit just so, too. Which is another thing I don't like about retail slippers. They never come in half sizes and more often than not come in sm. (5-6), med. (6-7) and lg. (8-9.) I wear between a 6 1/2 and a 7 1/2 so the small is too small and the medium is too large. The only prob. I have is that I live in So. California so we rarely have wool sweaters. I have been making my own, but out of purchased wool, :(. Which kind of defeats the recycling thing. I have seen recycled wool yarns, so I may give those a try, we'll see.

Re: BOOK GIVE-AWAY: The Felted Bag Book

I have been having a blast with knitting in wool yarns. I had not realized how affordable they were until a friend had me check out sock yarns at a well known online store. They also carry some beautiful shades of yarn that will felt, so far I have just worked with superwash merino and can't believe how durable it is, although it doesn't felt it does like to marry itself which makes hiding yarn tails a breeze.