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DIY giant paper flowers - dogwood blooms

Here's a fun how-to for giant paper flowers ... flowering dogwoods, to be exact! Super-easy, these look fabulous be-ribboned and hanging from tree branches, as table decor, or beautifully arranged as...

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Get started making crepe paper flowers, perfect for Mother's Day, with this easy guide from the CraftStylish gallery.

crepe paper flower - purple hyacinth for spring

it's a little late to share this as an easter decoration idea, but the hyacinth was so much fun to make, and perfect for spring! the pastel jellybeans in the vase didn't have any trouble finding a...

purple crepe paper flower arrangement - iris, orchid, rose, anemone, camellia and more

seems like we always post single flowers and thought it would be nice to see some of these put together into an arrangement. our etsy shop has a limited number of single stems available right now...

crepe paper flower - deep purple anemone

we love, love, LOVE these deep purple anemones! they look great in red or white, too ... maybe you know them as windflowers? they're really popular for bridal bouquets right now!   we're working...

paper flower - hydrangea for spring

we hand-painted the paper and used hand-made art paper for the leaves at client request (patterned cardstock is fun, too!)

crepe paper flower - daffodil for spring

spring is here and we're soooo excited! we're re-working the etsy shop, our website, and our logo, have a local craft show coming up soon, and to top it all off, we're teaching 75 3rd graders how...

crepe paper roses for valentine's day 2

i keep an eye out for great vintage vases and containers for flowers; they can be so elegant without being overstated or fussy.  after all, i'm about the flowers ;)

one perfect red rose - crepe paper

since valentine's day is rapidly approaching, i thought a rose would be the perfect first photo to put up.  i handcraft paper flowers, work hard to make them extraordinary, and love every...

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Re: How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

thanks, dangermouse013; I'm glad you enjoyed the helpful hints! happy flower-making to you :)

MissyLinda, every flower is different and has its own specific petals. Some people want abstract and a little quirky, others want very realistic flowers, so that makes a difference, too. I'll have a tutorial up before long that I hope you'll enjoy, but in general, I consider the patterns I've created or adapted proprietary. Thank you for the compliment of being interested in them, though! :D You'll find a lot of different flower patterns and how-to's online, especially at YouTube. I made my first paper flower from a pattern at

Re: crepe paper flower - purple hyacinth for spring

These are surprisingly fast paper flowers once you get the hang of just how to bunch them up without leaving gaps or looking smooshed together. :) I'd say maybe 45 minutes start-to-finish, but I'm not the best judge of time (according to my husband). I usually try to time myself with a stopwatch once for each different type of flower, but I haven't gotten around to it with the hyacinths yet. :)

Re: crepe paper flower - deep purple anemone

thank you so much, chingoo; i have to admit, though ... it was pure luck. :)

i struggle with my photography, so i was delighted that this one turned out so well; the black and purple are hard to differentiate sometimes. i'm glad you liked it!

Re: crepe paper roses for valentine's day 2

they all have their own quirks, aljosee (although that's part of the fun, too!) ... i started with one of the martha stewart crepe paper rose kits you can sometimes still find on ebay and kept adjusting the pattern/taking apart real roses until the paper version were realistic enough for my tastes. :)

i'm working on a tutorial for camellias that i hope to have up before long; it should be a good illustration of some basic techniques you can adapt and build on for various flowers. hope that helps!