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Angel Pink Upcycled Child's Cardigan

This lovely feminine little cardigan began life as an adult women's wool/mohair pullover sweater. To embellish my sweater I fashioned a soft peridot colored flower brooch from a Pringle of...

My Funny Valentine Childs Upcycled Vest

I had so much fun creating this pretty needle felted wool vest. Formerly an adult long sleeve pullover that I rescued from my local Salvation Macy's. After felting ( fulling) it and cutting it up I...

October 'PINK' Challenge Pink 'Rose is a Rose' Hostess Apron

I created this lovely Hostess half apron using pieces of designer fabric from my very large remnant stash. Who doesn't love PINK toile! I gave my apron stylish pleats to make it lie nicely against...

From Old to Gold!!

I love saving formerly loved wool & cashmere sweaters and breathing new life into them. To see the finished garment I invite you to check out my...

Hat's off to Fleece!

I found the cutest fleece hats on Martha Stewarts website and decided to make some of my own. I embellished mine with fabric yo-yo's I had made (I have bags of them!) and crocheted flowers. I also...

Something Spooky This Way Comes !

I made my own patterns using freezer paper for my aprons. I think these are perfect for moms and school teachers. Great Halloween fashion without all the messy makeup or heavy costumes. Come visit my...

Rockabilly Summer Dress Redo

This little summer dress was so easy to put together..I started with a plain Hanes tee strap dress. I styled a hem ruffle from some really pretty cotton floral fabric. Added some vintage ball fringe...

Dress your Baby!!!

I decided to do a line of baby tee's. I have painted a variety of subjects on cute little cotton tee's. Again using acrylic watercolor technique and ink. Heat set for permanency. Very sweet ...

Summer Roses Cover-up

I took an oversized mens tee shirt and turned it into a fabulously feminine cover-up. My roses are watercolored on and heat set for permanency. Looks great loose or tied with a sash as shownso...

Art Inspired Custom Tote

This Tote/Laptop carrier was a custom order from a lovely lady in France. She is a filmmaker and photographer. She very often incorporates images of gazebos into her art. I happen to have the perfect...

Upcycled Custom Drapery Panel...Go Green!!

I created these lovelies from a curtain panel I found at one of my local thrift shops. They were so much fun to design and play with. If you don't shop in thrift stores by now, you don't know what...

Not Your Mamas Craft Apron!

If their was a high fashion category for aprons..this one would be in it. Lots of different designer remnants, doilies, lace, vintage buttons and pearl has it all. I have so much fun...

Mermaid Reconstructed Tee w/ Handpainted Design

Another one of my reconstructed Tees. After inking in the design, I handpainted the pretty mermaid using a watercolor technique and my acrylics. Again I took in the sides and shorten the tee to be...

Reconstructed Men's Tee w/ Handpainted Design

I took a men's large tee shirt and fit it to flatter a woman's figure by contouring the sides and cutting the sleeves and neckline. I painted a watercolor southwest design by Ciccollela, on the...

Blue Jean Baby!!

Rescued this cute denim skirt from the landfill. The back half became an adorable apron and the front was transformed into a fab handbag. I used lots of fabric scraps for the lining, pockets, flap...

Reconstructed Costco Tee Shirt

I have been inspired by all you crafty ladies (and gents) to try my hand at t-shirt reconstruction. I painted mine with my watercolor roses. Hope you enjoy. It was a lot of fun to make. 

New Handpainted Market Tote or my Cat'n around Bag

Another tote where I painted a fabric panel prior to construction and embellishment. The lining is a pretty snazzy pattern also as well as toile straps. Big interior double pocket also using another...

Hand Painted Market Tote Bag

My own Market Tote Bag pattern. This time I hand painted the front panel before sewing. I must send a big shout out, to Pat Ciccollela, I love painting her stylized cats. Wherever you are...

Watercolor Painting On T-shirts

I used to do a lot of fabric painting back in the 90's when I lived in Texas. I have rediscovered how much fun it was to create beautiful, wearable art. I think I will be whipping up some of these...

More recycled fun!

Meet Tahlula...Tahlula loves turtleneck sweaters and vintage lace. She has very expensive taste and is never without her favorite diamond earrings. All the other doll's are jealous of her fabulous...

More: What's Old Is New Fingerless Gloves

Function and beauty come together in the form of a lovely fingerless glove. Again I have felted old wool sweaters, cut them up and they become reborn as wearable beauties. I have embellished my...

More Recycled Beauties

Another reclaimed adult wool sweater that I felted and embellished. The red hearts are fashioned from a felted red wool sweater as are the handmade roses and leaves. Pretty recycled red buttons add a...

Crafty By Nature Entry by Janet Metzger

To my eyes this bag has a very autumn folkart look to it. I rescued an old wool sweater from Goodwill and felted (fulled) it. I then cut it up to construct the bag body. The front and back were...

Crafty By Nature Entry by Janet Metzger

This is a sweet childs cardigan I fashioned from a forgotten cast away adult wool sweater destined for the local landfill. I Fulled it in my washer then turned it from a pullover to a cardigan by...

More What's Old Is New Fingerless Gloves

Even though it is officially spring, I woke up to 27 degrees this morning. I am not putting away my gloves just yet. I made these from a great wool sweater I rescued from my local thrift shop. I...

My first quilted bag

This was a great way to repurpose some of the designer fabric samples I get from a local shop. Used my new Viking Sapphire to free motion quilt and then got crazy embellishing(that was the really fun...


I purchased a bunch of ruffle scraps online and made this very flirty apron. I think it looks cute enough to wear over a pair of jeans as an accessory. Who says aprons are for kitchens...



New Meaning for the term 'Born Again'

These are samples of the sweaters I create using reclaimed wool and cashmere sweaters from my local thrift store. Lots of fun to design! I embellish with needle felting and ribbons and wool applique...

Placemat Redo!

I found this shabby chic Laura Ashley placemat in a bargain basket at a local store for $1.50. It made an adorable quilted shoulder bag. I reconstructed it and added a coordinating fabric flap, a...

More What's Old Is New

What do you do with cashmere sweaters that have a few moth holes? You make fabulous scarves of course! This one is sewn from three different cashmere scarves that I felted and cut up , then connected...

More What's Old Is New

I bought this adult wool sweater at my local thrift store. Brought it home and felted(fulled) it, cut it up, embellished with needlefelted flowers and pretty cotton fabric. I took it from a forgotten...

What's Old is New Again!

Made this lovely apron using an old vintage dresser runner I found in a thrift shop. The best part is that there are three more corners for me to work with. I paid $2.50 for it!  

recent comments

Re: Zipper Tape Necklace

Ok....When I first got the e-mail about making a zipper tape necklace, I did not bother to look since I am not really a fan of that style. I logged in this morning and thought " I'll just take a quick peak, the designers here are always so creative. Maybe they managed to make this look pretty and not cumbersome"..........I took one look and about spit my coffee out! Is it me or is this heavy and clunky looking and very overwhelming on this poor model. Then I read the comments and I felt validated. Try not to take the comments too personally Nikki...this was just not one of your best creations and your readers are just being honest.

The comment box is here for a reason and we are just doing what Webster says...;-)
Websters Dictionary
noun : a remark expressing an opinion or reaction

Would you rather we all be dishonest and say it is beautiful...I would not want that..I appreciate the candor. I look forward to your next creation (designers on the runway are not always the best influences)

Re: Make it Pink for a Cure

yeah...come on...who won!!!!!

Re: Giclee art print (10 x 7 in) - Life is a game

love the red dress ;-)


It's beautiful...great job!!

Re: Pink Skating Dress


Re: Wedding dress like a Renoir painting

Wow...what a fabulously romantic wedding dress! You should be very proud of your work as it is a true work of art. Many happy wishes to you and your new husband ;-) I look forward to more post's from you.

Re: Fun Spring Dress with Pockets

Stunning..I bet it looks gorgeous on you!

Re: Transform a Wool Sweater into a Felted Vest

LOVE IT!!!!! I have the same felting fetish. Great job.
your friend,
The Empty Nest

Re: I just want to introduce myself....

Well Hi Jackie...welcome! Looks like you have a wonderful all the smiles. Now show us what you can do ;-)

Re: Three digibudi's pillow cases

Great job..I love the fabrics you used! what else are you working on???

Re: My Little Black Dress

what a great go girl!!

Re: Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Looks beautiful and I love the style of it...great job!

Re: The Happy One - 8 x 8 Fine Art Archival Photograph


Re: What can I use for stuffing a pin cushion?

Fabric scraps..fiberfill, quilt batting or you can purchase emory dust on

Re: ON SALE TODAY Flouncy Apron

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

Re: Orange Crush

LOVE IT!!!!!

Re: Two Tops into One


Re: My First Pair of Handmade Arm Warmers

great job! I sell quite a few of these...I hunt down sweaters at my local Salvation Army...I have bags of wool and cashmere ready to go ;-)

Re: More recycled fun!

Thanks everyone! Tahlula says Merci!

Re: Blue Jean Baby!!

thanks Jayne!

Re: Re-styling and Bringing to Life Your Old Plain Tops

Hello the way you spell colours I am guessing you are not in the 'States'. I love your restyled Tee...very pretty. I am big on restyling and upcycling. Stay creative and keep at that sewing machine ;-)

your friend,

Re: Stitch-N-Studio

Love them all...very stylish!

Re: Posy of Fresh Floral Crochet Applique

I love this artist's crocheted posies..I have purchased many from her and have never been disappointed. She is wonderful to deal with also. I just love the colors in these pretty!

Re: Please help me

ON close inspection it looks like some kind raw silk...probably has some sort of backing that the rose is built on...maybe felt.

Re: Please help me

It looks like it is strips of fabric that are twisted and turned as they are sewn in a circular design. Embellished with glass beads and other vintage looking items. I am googleing the technique as we speak :-)

Re: Origami Sun Dress

All I can say is is obvious you have put a lot of thought, time and know how into this garment. It is beautiful and very worthy of first place. So unique! Or should I say Sew unique ;-)

Re: Sassy Stripes

Love that 50" look...very chic!

Re: Sunset Style - Sewstylish Spring Challenge Contest

Love the embroidery on the top and the fit is flattering...good job!

Re: Quilted Tote Bag, "Living Creatively" Winner

Love it!!

Re: night of roses


Re: Bath Wrap

Love this...these are great for when you color your shirt to try to pull up over your head.

Re: Flora apron

love your aprons!

Re: Mermaid Reconstructed Tee w/ Handpainted Design

Thanks Lesliebee..yes this one just has the ruffle in front, however just use the material you cut off the bottom when you shorten the tee. Gather the large circle from that piece and fit it to your neckline. On many of my tees I also paint the ruffle which gives it a nice accent. Have fun. This would be a great project for a young girl.

Re: Baggaroos

Very cute! Good job and I love the green tie

Re: Second-hand New Dress

The dress is so adorable , but I am more in love with your daughter ;-)

Re: "Du fil a retordre"

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! Your creation is stunning, thank you for sharing.

Re: How to Make a Bridal T-shirt


Re: How to Make a Rickrack Brooch for Mother's Day

I agree with Jennifer...perfect for embellishment

Re: Amy Butler Gone Vinyl

covered in great job!

Re: Bohemian Bag

Love it!!!

Re: How to Make an Artful Scarf from Scraps

cannot wait to try this!!!!! I knew I was saving all my scraps for a good reason!

Re: Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag

Way too cool!!! Keep them coming.

Re: Brooke Shield's Signature Collection from McCalls

reading your bio...sounds like you are my twin ;-) Great job with the vest. I look forward to more creations from you.

Re: Fashionistas head to Hollywood!

I love these girls!


Re: Tesla Bag

wasn't Tesla the man who did the light bulb in the ground and they lit up thing?? Love the bag!

Re: StitchnStudio

I love all your designs!! Great job.

Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

Pick me..Pick me!!!!!!

Re: Book Giveaway - Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase

I have loads of vintage pillowcases! Would love to own this book...PICK ME!!!!!

Re: Handmade in Ireland Irish Porter Cake (Full Fruit Cake)

OMG.....I want some NOW!!!!

Re: How to Recycle Fabric Scraps...into Restyled Shoes!

Sooo cool!! Kids will love these.

Re: New projects made from recycled material and new ribbon


Re: How to Make a Belted Skirt from a Men's Dress Shirt are so creative, I love this idea and that skirt is so cute. Will be making some of my own very soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: How to Upcycle a T-Shirt into a Cardigan

Love it!!!

Re: How to Sew a Bias Tape Facing

thanks Cal...I will be using this tip often!

Re: How to Make a Vest from an Old Pullover Sweater

Great the red stripe pockets!

Re: Antique Silver Vintage Image Pendants

Love your pendants!

Re: Hand woven vest - creative weaving-


Re: Handmade in Ireland 'My Goodness My Guinness' Fingerless Mittens Wristwarmers

I love your work! Big fan of your Etsy site.

Re: Modern Prairie bag

Sooooo cute...I am also very into saving old wool sweaters from a cruel death. You have done a beautiful job!

Re: Make It Pnk Prayer Shawl

Beautiful color and my prayers are with you for continued good health.

Re: Crafty By Nature Entry by Janet Metzger

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, they are very appreciated. FYI...most of my creations are for sale in my Etsy shop, just in case anyone is interested ;-)
Your friend..Janet

Re: Itty Bitty Baskets

Love them!

Re: White Knit Wrap

very elegant!

Re: Bucket Style Tote Bag

Is that a Charisma fabric pattern from Moda? I love it!

Re: Felt Like Knitting does Flower Power

a work of art!

Re: Felt Like Knitting does Flower Power 2 are capturing my heart! I love this purse. You are a true fiber artist. Beautiful.

Re: Fiberfads! cream capelet

I wish I could knit like that!

Re: When Beauty Calls

I love the simplicity and the great color.

Re: My first quilted bag

I consider that a real compliment coming from a pro like yourself. Thank you.

Re: Tweed Jacket Restyle

Love it! so chic

Re: Purse Pals

What a great idea!! Good job Lisa.

Re: Spring Outfit for my little girl

Love that shade of green..great job TeaRose!

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

I am big on repurposing!!! I would love to recieve her book as a gift. I promise to post all my creations ;-)

Re: Some tops I made

Karen, I think they are great!

Re: More What's Old Is New

thank you Lynn!

Re: Spring-inspired Outfits

Beautiful clothes...Beautiful girls! What a great idea. I am tucking this idea to the back burner while I wait for my new baby niece to grow a little taller ;-)

Re: Restyled Ruffly Cardigan with Alabama Chanin influence

Beautiful the color!

Re: Wool Felt Purse

Way toooo cute! Great eye for color.

Re: New Meaning for the term 'Born Again'

Thank you Beth...I went to your etsy shop but did not see anything in it. Are you just setting it up?

Re: My fashion wearables...

So unique...I am off to check out your etsy shop!

Re: Scarves, shawls and wrappings

Gorgeous!!! You are one talented lady ;-)

Re: Placemat Redo!

Hello kmcdirt...Thank you for the compliment. This bag was really very simple. All I did was fold the placemat in half, sew up the sides and as I got to the top corners, I sewed in the rope strap. I did also add a pocket to the inside before sewing the sides. Then I cut 2 rectangle pieces of coordinating fabric and with rights sides together sewed edges, leaving a few inches free to turn right side out. Once it was turned out, I pressed flat and sewed the remaining opening closed. I embellished flap with ball fringe and added a snap for closure. That's it! Because it is a reversible placemat, it is self lined. Have fun making yours. If you sew two full mats together, they make a great large tote bag or laptop sleeve. So many ways to go. I have also made fabulous clutch bags too.

Re: What's Old is New Again!

NicholeAnnette...I have bags of linens, doilies and such...I love using them in my creations. They add such style.

Re: More What's Old Is New

Hello NicholeAnnette...Thank you for the kind words. This little sweater ended up being sold to a lovely little girl in Norway. ...Janet

Re: Pendants With Vintage Asian Papers

Beautiful...what resin type product did you use on the top? How do you keep it from flowing off the sides?

Re: 3 Free Projects: Updated Fringed Scarves with Buttons

Love this design idea! So creative and inexpensive. You can make the scarves from fleece and get an even more custom look. Will be making some very soon. Thanks Lee!