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Re: How to Embellish a T-Shirt with Embroidery and Buttons

The perfect project to take along on vacation or to the cottage! I have hundreds of buttons from my mother, MIL, and my own 30 year collection. Thinking madly of ways to embellish my 7-year-old granddaughter's T-shirts. I'll get started this weekend!

Re: Who first taught you to sew?

My mother taught me the basics, which she learned from her mother, back in the days when a sewing machine was included with your necessary household appliances.

She had me practice straight lines by having me hem sheets--oh, how I hated that! I'm one of ten children, so mom made our clothes as much out of necessity as creativity.

I got my first machine shortly after I was married in 1968, which I used on the kitchen table. My husband teasingly told everyone that he never got dinner on time again after my projects took over the kitchen!

After making clothes for friends and relatives for free, my mother-in-law said I should be making some money at this, so I put a tiny ad in our local paper, and the calls started to come! I've had my home-based business since 1980, specializing in bridal and formalwear, but I do just about everything. My business now takes up about 1000 square feet of my home!

I can't imagine doing anything else. I always appreciate having a skill that allowed me to be at home with my children and still contribute to the family income.