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Graceful Curves and Cherry Red Hearts Handmade Necklace

Handmade using tarnish resistant Artistic Jewelry wire and red heart beads, this necklace is an original design. 

Spa Sets

These are spa sets that I have knitted. They are 100% cotton and have both the cloth and a hairband. I learned to knit about a year ago and enjoy it very much! I'm still very much a novice and make...


I caught the sewing bug again and have been cleaning out my fabric stash! I made these purses plus some others that I don't have listed anywhere. They were easy to put together and make good use of...

Recycling Fun

All of these pins were created using recycled materials. Most of the wood backs are recycled slats from my wood blinds. The round one is a piece of scrap wood from my husband's workshop. The...

Mediterranean Romance

This bright and beautiful necklace is three strands of wow! A lovely mix of teal,blue, and green glass beads with silver accents. This necklace is listed in my new shop at


Sophistication is a gorgeous triple strand necklace created using a jet bead mix and gray/black beads. It's shiny ,fun, and classic all at the same time. This is listed in my etsy shop.

Amber Glow Necklace

This necklace was created using amber nuggets, and faceted Czech glass beads embellished with bead caps. French wire covers the beading wire and adds a bit of sparkle.Very lightweight and easy to...

Hearts On Your Sleeve bracelet

Beautiful and shiny, these candy apple red hearts are combined here with mirror back coin beads for a bright,fun Valentines Day bracelet! Best of all, it's silver plated memory wire, so no need to...

Hearts On A Vine Pendant Necklace

Hearts On A vine is my newest piece in my Etsy shop. I had some leftover beads and decided to create this pretty,feminine pendant for Valentines Day.

Oopsy Daisy Necklace

This is such a fun necklace for spring! A shiny brass daisy charm dangles from a piece of gold artistic wire and is flanked by dark pink glass pearls The necklace is completed with gold plated chain...

Elephant Walk Bracelet

Warm and rich is what comes to mind to describe the topaz color of these Czech pressed glass elephants. They are paired up with light topaz crackle beads and gold plated bead caps. It's beautiful and...

Shells and Pearls

This is a long necklace madeby recycling old jewelry pieces and adding some new beads. It's green and it's "green"! Available in my winkelf shop.

Rainforest Triple Strand Necklace

A bright and cheerful triple strand necklace in various hues of green,teal, and white. Between the various colors and bead shapes, this is a delight for the eyes and sure to make you smile! Stop by...

Dappled Sunshine

Beautiful green jade and magnetite beads make up this necklace. I wire wrapped the pendant and added some gold beads for embellishment. The closure is a simple "s" clasp that I learned to make...

My Completed "Bead on a Wire" Necklace!

I saw this project listed  by Susan Beal in Jewelry Making and decided I had to try it. This is the result, and I am very  pleased. I basically used leftover materials. If you...

recent comments

Re: WireWrapping

This is absolutely stunning!

Re: Amber Glow Necklace

This one is sold. I have a simlar one listed in my winkelf shop.

Re: Learn to Knit a Simply Lovely Beaded Lace Bracelet

I think I am going to give this a try. Doesn't seem to be too complicated.

Re: Drawings on wood:)

Cute earrings! They blend into the background so it was tough to pick them out at first.

Re: Beaded Pendant

I think this piece is just stunning!

Re: Create an Art Nouveau-Inspired Shrink-Art Pendant!

It's beautiful and I never would have guessed it was shrink plastic. I haven't used that stuff since my kids were small!
(about 20 years, yikes!)

Re: Check out Diane Gilleland's Amazing New Weaving Book!

I love this bag!

Re: Recycling Fun

Hey thanks!

Re: Mediterranean Romance

Thanks for the compliment ArtistryArts!

Re: SCRAPPLES where scraps become memories

very unique pieces!

Re: The Meaning of Metals

I saw this too and found it to be very informative! And the question does make one think a little more about their own creations!

Re: Bay Area Jewelry Supply Sale - 1/17

Sounds fantastic! Not even close to me, otherwise I would be there!

Re: Black and White Multi-used Tote Bag.

I love the bold,graphic print on this bag! It's fabulous!

Re: 'matchmaker' series

This is lovely and would be wonderful in a little girls room or maybe even for a "big" girl!

Re: I love you(r DNA) Quilt

This is very sweet! I've never heard of a quilt being completed that quickly!

Re: Fiberfads!

These are really,really cute!!

Re: Victorian Photo Pendants

These are really great! I love them!

Re: How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry

This is a really awesome idea! I'll have to pass it on to a friend who has a girl scout troop.

Re: Hats from Plastic Bags

This is the ultimate in recycling! And who ever would have thought it would look so good! Kudos to you!

Re: How to Make Easy Two-Bead Earrings

Really fun and contemporary feeling! I love them and will have to make some!

Re: How to Make Swingy, Sparkly New Year's Eve Earrings

These are really fun earrings! They could really be worn anytime and with pretty much any outfit! Awesome!

Re: Mamma Butterfly's Fabulous Button Rings

Cute! Aren't they so much fun to make?

Re: Button Jewelry at the Expo!

I've seen button jewelry before, but never like this! The crochet necklace is beautiful!!

Re: Make a Graduated Bead Strand for Design Inspiration

Well, I like this idea! You've taken all the guesswork out of what size beads to buy!

Re: Make a One-Inch Button Pendant

This is a really cute idea! I'll have to keep my eyes open for some awesome buttons to use!

Re: How to Make a Watch-Piece Ring

This is totally awesome! I love the way it looks, and the fact that it's recycled parts makes it that much better. Really like the tip about putting it in the small dish of beads to dry!

Re: Sweet_Pea's Crafts

These are really cool bags!

Re: Hello, Craft Stylistas!

Gotta love the robot!!

Re: Creative Jewelry

La boutique est tres belle! J'aime beaucoup!

Re: Creation Crochet

Le chapeau c'est tres charmant!

Re: How to Make a Simple Bead-on-a-Wire Necklace

I had to try it and I think my piece turned out rather icely. It's posted in the gallery!

Re: Radical Jewelry Makeover

This is just a wonderful idea! Wish I had something to contribute. I am assuming you are looking for "real" stuff as opposed to plated and other base metal pieces.

Re: How to Take Your Daytime Look to the Night!

This is a really cool idea! The possibilities are nearly endless!

Re: Fiber Bead Hemp Bracelets

These are really great and I am in love with them! I can see why you love them so much. I'll bet they are very comfotable to wear too!

Re: How To: Make an S-Clasp

This looked like fun, so I got a scrap piece of inexpensive wire and tried it. It was very easy to do! I think I will be making my own clasps from now on! Thanks!

Re: Mod Duct Tape Dress

Wow, all you need is a slick,shiny pair of boots and some plastic jewelry and you've got the best retro look ever! Love the dress!

Re: Fall Fashion Hook-up

This is terrific! Packed with a lot of information. I had to share it with my fellow bloggers! Now I have to bookmark!

Re: Blue Ceramic Pendant on Thick Hemp

This si a wonderful piece! I love the color of the pendant!

Re: FlowingGlass

Flowing Glass, you rock! I really love the green puzzle tile necklace! Off to visit your EtSy shop!

Re: Fashion Among the Flowers in My Favorite City

I got to see these this summer when we went home for a visit. They are just wonderful! Chicago has such terrific things going on all the time, and the creativity seems endless! Wonder what we will see next summer?

Re: How to Create a Rolled Hem

I have been sewing for many years, and have always had trouble with this! Your instructions are so clear,and the pictures are well done for visibility. I'll have to give it a try again! Thanks!

Re: Donate a Scarf to the Special Olympics

What a terrific idea! I've already noted the information and will get started soon!

Re: Daughter's Dress II

Very cute! I like the retro style!

Re: Resin and Silver-Plated Rings and Pewter Pendants

I like how you used your own artwork to creat these wonderful,colorful rings! Fabulous!

Re: Glow In The Dark Halloween Pendants

I am so tired,they are not earrings, but pendants! I'm sorry!

Re: Glow In The Dark Halloween Pendants

These are really fun earrings for Halloween!

Re: Jewels of China

I like the classic,elegant style of your jewelry! Truly timeless pieces!

Re: How to Organize Your Brooches and Pins

I really like this idea! It can be an everchanging piece of art that is practical too!

Re: My Jewelry

Alright, we're finally here! I hope lots of members come and look at our shops!

Re: Pearl Luster Earrings

Very,very pretty! I really like the simple,but elegant design!

Re: Home decor'

These are so pretty! The first one would look really good in my living room!

Re: I love jewelry!

Your jewelry is really beautiful! I especially like the silver/peach earrings! (3rd picture) I need to go see your ETSY shop! Great job!

Re: Craft Blog Week: Bloglines and Beyond

A huge thanks for posting this! I am very new to the whole blogging thing and I think this will make it much easier for me. And I would say more fun too!

Re: Olympic Rings 2008

This is such a fun and colorful scarflet! Very cute!

Re: I've discovered wire!

Very pretty! Wire wrapping is addictive,isn't it?

Re: Spider Web Necklace

It is beuatiful! It looks so intricate and fragile,just like the real thing.

Re: Vintage Button Rings

How cute are these rings? I love them. Such a creative way to use those odd buttons we all have around.

Re: What's Cheese Got to Do with It?

My family has been big cheese lovers forever! Growing up in the midwest(Illinois & Michigan) we are well aquainted with Wisconsin cheeses. We have since expanded into international cheeses and are still amazed at the variety! Making a quality cheese is truly a talent!

Re: A summer recipe for a bar necklace

Wow! This is really awesome! I really like the different shape and the way it lies on the body. But, then again "below 14th shop" has some of the coolest stuff around!

Re: Notecard Necklaces by Jill Bliss

The pictures look beautiful and quite intricate. I think this is a great idea when you want to send a "little" something. I also love the fact that they are a green product! Can't go wrong with that!

Re: Ponoko: Make Your Designs on Demand

Very intriguing! I think "I think" this is pretty cool, but I'm not totally sold. I will have to check it out for myself.

Re: Monster Backpacks by ArtsiBitsi

I love these! Any girl would feel special and protected with one of these on her back!

Re: Baby blanket bag

This is a really great idea for any new mom! Would be extra fab filled with all the baby stuff one would need!

Re: FeBe's line

How fun is this? I'll bet more than one head turned for a second look!

Re: Wrapper bags make a comeback

These are so cute! I had no idea that they were "in" again. Funny how things come back 'round again!

Re: Great Fabric – Not Necessarily By-the-Yard

I can't begin to tell you how bed sheets,bedspreads,throw rugs,etc. I have re-purposed. It's fun to think up new ways to use things! The jacket is really nice,very "couture" looking!

Re: Fused Glass Broken Heart

I would use it anyway. Just give it some really cool name,call it modern or something suitable, and go from there. I personally think it's pretty awesome!

Re: Calling All Crafters...

If you are planning a party and will be serving drinks,limit yourself to one or two types. You mix them ahead(minus the alcohol),put into ziploc bags and freeze.(be sure to label the bag) When you are ready to serve,pull out of the freezer,put in blender with the alcohol, give a quick blend, and serve! No bottles and mixes all over and getting in the way. Generally plan on 2 drinks per person.

Re: It's Business Time

Thanks a million for all the great information! Time to put it to good use!

Re: Shrink Plastic Magic

I've been thinking about trying this again, and now seeing this post and all the possibilities. I can hardly contain myself!


Such a fabulous thing to do!You inspire us all to do good things with our talents!

Re: HoliDOG Ornaments

We have two furry family members, and many ornaments! But, you know, none of them are as cute as these! They are fabulous!

Re: TNT Jewelry Design

Wow! Great pieces! I really like the Blue man.

Re: Colorful drops for your ears

You guys always have the nicest stuff!

Re: i love manatees!

Your mantee is adorable! Good job, and lucky boyfriend!

Re: Simple chain stitch crocheted wire necklace! First Try.

What a lovely necklace you've created! I really love green and I like the randomness of the beads.

Re: Fire up Your Crafting Passion: July on Craftstylish

Wow, looks like a very full month of really good stuff! I am looking forward to it. I see several that I am very interested in. I love this site! It allows me see what others are creating,to learn new things,and get fresh,new ideas.Thanks!

Re: Video: Make a Basic Bead Dangle

Very nice video tutorial Susan! I was curious to see what technique you used. Mine is slightly different,but the results are the same. This was clear and easy to understand for the novice jeweler. Thanks!

Re: Multi-Strand Beaded Choker

Very pretty! I love the look of multi strand necklaces and have been making more them myself.

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Stenciled Totes

This is so cute! Perfect for all the "summer" essentials we end up carrying around!

Re: PUNI (The Art of Leaf Fronds Folding)

I love the red bird! It's gorgeous! And how wonderful to include pictures of the women working at their art! Fantastic!

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Knit RaG BaG Handbag

Very cute bag! Love the colors!

Re: Patio Bench

What a great way to re-use old items to create something completely new! And functional!

Re: Plumage Sliver Earrings

They are beautiful! I love the plastic aspect of them and the photo. I just love them!

Re: Sew Lovely

Beautiful items! I especially like the blue bag!

Re: My first handbag with my own design!

What a fabulous bag! I like the fact that it can hold a good bit of stuff,the colors are great, and its looks very well constructed! Pat yourself on the back!

Re: How to Set Up a Fused Glass Studio

Love the tutorial! Good information without being boring! I have kicked around the idea of making glass beads and such and this makes it even more appealing! Thanks!

Re: Simply Elegant/Everyday Beautiful Felt Jewlery

Never in a million years would I have thought of felt beads. They are marvelous! The colors are so vibrant and no need to worry about them breaking. Especially nice if you have little ones.


This such a bright,beautiful piece! I absolutely love the colors!Bravo!

Re: Spotlight on SoftFlex

I can't believe my eyes! Look at the colors! I had no idea there was so much out there. I need to expand a bit and try some colors. I've only been using clear beading wire, so it's time to break out of the comfort zone!

Re: How to Make a Beaded Crochet Pendant

This pendant is beautiful! What a great project,and the tutorial is really well done! Thanks!

Re: Goose On The Loose One Of A Kind Wearable Art

Great pendant! It's so simple but very elegant. I love jewelry with a personality!

Re: Crochet Fun

How cute is this? Fun and calorie free! Everyone has to love this!

Re: Come In Door Hanger

This door hanger is the cutest! Bright and colorful,any girl would love it!

Re: Happy Birthday Etsy!

Happy 3rd birthday ETSY!

Re: 3d Embroidered Flowers Bouquet

I'm speechless! This is very cool!

Re: Library Pocket Tag Book

I wanted to thank you for the kind words. You are my first comment too. I worked in libraries for years and can't begin to tell you how many of those I stuck in books!

Re: Original below 14th designs

These are just fabulous! I'll have to check out your Etsy shop!

Re: Gorgeous Beads and Unusual Pieces to Check Out

I am always looking for new sources for materials. Who doesn't like to look at beads? Thanks, I'll have to check them out!

Re: button wreath

I love this wreath! What an incredible way to use buttons. It's just the cutest thing!

Re: Amy Butler Jeans

Wow! Those are some pretty radical pants! Reminds me of high school!

Re: Circles all around the Cocktail Party

This is one gorgeous dress! I like to sew, but I wouldn't think of attempting this! You should have a picture of yourself wearing this "work of art!"

Re: fav wire work

These are some very lovely pieces! I can see why they sell so well. I am interested in learning more about wire work. I've dabbled a bit with wire wrapping beads,and crocheting wire,but none of it ever looked this good!

Re: Try a Vintage Beading Project: Tri-Bead Fun

Ahem! I'm not sure if I should say this or not,but I remember these being around our house.! Not quite sure how they got there because my Mom was not a crafty person. They were fun for me though!

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

Wow! How cute are these? They might have to become a decorative element somewhere in my house. Maybe groupd in a deep box frame and hung in my crafting workroom! Love it. Thanks!

Re: How to Make Fabric-bound Beads

What a great idea! I have stacks of fabric from old sewiing projects.The possiblities are endless. Good way to upcycle that fabric,and you could use beads from a thrift store.
A big thanks for posting this.

Re: Tips for Buying Beads and Jewelry Supplies Secondhand

Great tips Susan! I haven't had much luck lately finding "treasures", but I've been taking apart some of my old pieces and re-using the components.

Re: Beads, Beads, Beads

I love beads too! Any kind, nearly any color!

Re: Go green! Buttons Necklace

This is really cute! I've sewn on many buttons,but have never used them this way. Love it!

Re: Library Pocket Tag Book

Heather,this is truly a unique item! I have never seen anything like it before. It's a very creative way to use the pockets. I love it!

Re: JU-EL Creations

Juel, this is a lovely bracelet! I am glad to see we share the same philosphy also! Look forward to seeing more pieces from you!

Re: Make a Pendant out of Your Wedding Ring

Wow! This is great. I have some old rings I'd like to try this with. I've never done a double wrapped loop like the one illustrated before,so I'll have to give that a try also.I have made alot of regular wrapped loops on my jewelry at Thanks for the new info. Will be checking back! Teresa

Re: Shopping for Jewelry Supplies on Etsy

It's a great place to find unique,one of a kind items. I've found several good deals.Everyone I have dealt with has been very nice and professional. Give them a shot. Etsy has lots to offer for every crafter! My shop is

Re: Etsy Selling: How to Raise Your Profile Profitably

Terrific post! I have put most of the suggestions into play already. One thing I must say is you also need to be patient. Make your shop as visible as you can. I plan to try a virtual lab soon. Nice to know that I made some good decisions! Teresa

Re: Susan Beal, Author of Bead Simple

I am really looking forward to expanding my jewelry making knowledge and finding other people who share this passion. I am currently working on some earrings with some cool vintage beads that I recently purchased. I'm waiting for some other fun things to arrive. Also getting ready for my first craft show. Wish me luck! Teresa