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Re: How to Hand-Sew a Buttonhole

Thanks for this tutorial. My mother taught me how to hand stitch a buttonhole a very long time ago but I have not done one in decades. I am sewing a dress for my daughter and I was terrified that after all the care I have taken in sewing, the buttonholes would ruin it. It is my opinion that machine stitched buttonholes never look good and tend to unravel, not to mention that I have not done any with this sewing machine. So I searched a tutorial for a refreshment of my skills and found yours was so simple and to the point. I know with practice I can make a buttonhole that is better looking that the one you used to illustrate, but then it would not be good for illustrating, and that was the point here. My practice buttonhole was good enough so tomorrow I will finish the dress. So happy, thanks a lot! By the way, the negative comments are out of place here.