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Re: National Craft Month Booklet Giveaway

Sure would love to win this one!

Re: Book Giveaway and Signing: "Scraps" by Vera Vandenbosch

I surely need this book!!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads"

I'd love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

Re: Book Giveaway: Woodland Knits

I'd love to have this book!

Re: Make a One-Hour Dress

Yes, some will get great results in 1 hour, and some won't. We should be realistic about "1 hour" directions! But it's a really cute dress, and I will make it with my own additions and corrections.
My only addition to the directions would be to remember to cut a front and back by flipping the pattern or folding the fabric and cutting two, so you don't end up with one having the wrong side facing out!

Re: How to Make a Vest from a Plaid Shirt

I made this years ago when it first appeared in the magazine. I made 2 of them for examples for a recycling class I was teaching at the time. Everyone loved it and I had to make copies of the article for at least 10 people! Still have mine.

Re: Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

My 2 year old grandson says he'll wear the frog hat if I make it. I'd love to make it!

Re: How to Make Your Own Undies

I love the idea of using nice soft old cotton t-shirts for this. My one suggestion would be to use a well-fitting pair of worn-out undies. Then you can cut the elastic off the edges and use the smoothed out panties as a pattern, or trace it on paper and add seam allowances.
Going to look for my old t-shirts right now.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "A Night at the Opera"

Hello??? Are DCQuilt and I the only readers here who noticed that Jerell's dress was his design from last week, and that Mila Hermanovska's dresses aren't showing up? I fell asleep during the runway (yes I did...believe it or not...I was so tired and the show comes on at 10pm here) and missed Mila, Mondo, Kenley, Gordana, Rami, and Jerell, waking only to see the last few and the judging.
The judges are so far much kinder than Heidi and her crew. We'll see how that lasts.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Sew What You Love"

I'd love to have this book!

Re: Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

Definitely thought Bert's was the best, and agreed with Kors when he said he hated the styling (although I often find him insufferable). I don't see why the judges, so often SO critical, could have missed the crotch on Anya's pants being half-way to her knees! Just because she lucked out and got a cute fit in the butt....was that all they were looking at? The 2 who were last did some really yucky work, but the one who was out, was definitely out.

Re: Book Giveaway: Threads Sewing Guide

This is my current favorite basic sewing book. If I win I'll donate it to a deserving sewing student.

Re: How to Sew Pouches for Your Craft Supplies

Great idea, just a reminder: Don't forget to open the zipper halfway before you sew the side seams together, or else it will be really hard to turn the pouch right side out!

Re: What is your favorite sewing book?

Hands down, no contest, Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide!

Re: Choose the Winner in the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest

Of these finalists, I chose the felted wool hat, because it was beautifully done (from what I could see from the photo) and elegant. I'd have loved to have seen it on a real person, though.

Re: Bags To Riches

What a great idea and it looks good too! I vow to recycle in my projects from now on. Can't wait to use up all this yarn I have stashed.

Re: Beautiful Disasters

One thing I wish I would learn, as a person who sews a lot...go try on styles in the store to see if they're going to look good on me. If I could only remember to do this instead of cutting out, fitting, and putting together a garment and taking it off every time I try to wear it because it's just not "me". Those are my consistent "craftastrophies."

Re: Embellish a T-shirt with Ribbon

I LOVE the idea of embellishing t-shirts. I think the color combination is hideous, but that's just my taste and maybe it was the way to really show off the design online. Think narrower ribbon, less ribbon, softer colors. I'll definitely try it.

Re: What is your go-to sewing reference?

I have lots of sewing reference books but my current favorites are a really old book "Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia" from 1947! It has everything under the sun in it from knitting to upholstery. I also love Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide. For my beginning sewing students I recommend Shaeffer's book and the "Singer Photo Guide to Sewing."

Re: How to Replace a Coat Lining

Now if you could just tell me how to create a pattern for the lining after I carefully removed the old one and lost it before I could make the pattern! ARRGGHH!