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Re: A recent sewing endeavor!

This bag is so cute! I love the striped lining.

Re: Crafting on the Go: Where, When, and Insider Tips

This is a great article; thanks for sharing!

I have recently started knitting on airplanes and haven't hit any problems yet, but I always bring needles that I won't be heart broken to part with on board, just in case.

Knitting on international flights is especially productive. I can't tell you how far along I got in my sweater between San Francisco and Heathrow!

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

Hi Michaela,

It was great to meet you yesterday!

Thought you might enjoy this: http://cereals.pnn.com/articles/show/19352-i-was-a-renegade

Have a great week,

Jaime (from PNN.com)

Re: The Hyberbolic Crochet Coral Reef

I am totally going to go see this in London. It looks beautiful!