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Re: Disc-y Decorations!

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Charleston, I know I love the lowcountry entirely. (I'm a local.) That sort of decoration is actually pretty common in elementary and middle schools around here. Personally I think it'd be interesting to see what an experienced crafter could do with a CD and some supplies. :)

Re: 30 minute skirt

Absolutely lovely! Will you share directions with those of us who are new to clothes making?

Re: How to Custom-Embellish a Shirt

Awsome idea. Thanks for the how to's on sewing loops and swirls. :D

Re: Restyling the Regift

Bonniedoo has a good idea, if the brother will get the humor of it. lol.

I suggest turning them into a stuffed animal for a niece or other female relative, or maybe trim them down and turn them into storage pockets.

Re: How to Sew Pouches for Your Craft Supplies

Simple and extremely useful! I'm thinking of making a modified one to hang on my bed for books and other random items. This is so woderful!

Re: How to Make a Creamsicle Body Polish

This is an awesome idea. I want to make this for my friends for Christmas, just one question- How many uses do you get with two cups?

Re: How to Embellish a T-Shirt with Embroidery and Buttons

I have several shirts I've never known what to do with, but couldn't justify getting rid of. Thanks so much for the idea!

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons

This is an awesome tutorial, thanks so much.

Re: How to Make a Bangle from a Vintage Map

This is such a wonderful idea, and perfect for those of us who like vintage images. I am wondering if it would be possible to make one with some of the strips running along the dome. I think that's what I'll try when I do this. Thanks so much for sharing!