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Travel Tissue Cover Tutorial

    Vacation Bible School is coming up.  Do you want to show a little extra appreciation for the time spent with your child? Here is an idea for a simple thank you gift that is easy...

Needle Felted Wool Hair Clips

These are a wool covered hair clips with a needle felted charm sewn onto them.  I lovingly stab wool repeatedly with a single barbed needle until it takes the shape of any little creature or...

How to Make a Ribbon Snail Hair Clip

I saw a little girl wearing one of these in her hair, and thought..."I have to make that!".  I don't work with ribbon very much, but being a crafter, I had plenty of it laying around. nbspI...

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Re: How to Make a Headband from an Old T-Shirt

Super cute! Love these. Great way to use up those t shirt scraps too. :)

Re: And the Winner of the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest is...

Congrats! It's beautiful!

Re: Choose the Winner in the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest

Thanks for picking me as a finalist! I was on vacation with no internet(torture)and unable to vote or comment until now! :(
I am grateful to see I was included among these cool picks. Thanks again! =

Re: How to Make Twirly Butterfly Cards for Spring

Super cute! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!