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Re: How to: Zippers (Part 3)

ZIPPERS!! I have so many problems with them. I have a project, skorts needing the zipper replaced. Can you give some helpful advice. It has two layers to go thru, the shorts and the skirt part. Please help.

Thank you,

Re: How to Make Perfect-Fitting Pajama Bottoms

Great tutorial. I will be able to make pj bottoms for my granddaughter. She is starting to out grow her current one's, adding the extra material should do the trick she is getting taller. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Zippers (Part 1)

any helpful tips on how to replace a zipper, in a pair of pants, I love to wear?

Re: Buying Fabric on Ebay

Hello Shannon,

You talk about "fat quarters" I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you or someone let me know what this is so that I will make sure I keep an eye out so that I don't do the same thing? Thanks,

Re: How to Maintain Your Sewing Machine

This step by step instruction is great! Especially the Pictures. I will make sure to take better care of my sewing machine from now on, thank you very much.