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Victoria North, product manager

Location: New Milford, CT
Specialty: Omnicrafter

As the Web Producer for CraftStylish, I am hoping to learn to make some of these great projects myself. I may know a lot about computers, but crafting is definitely brand new to me.


Cheryl Kuczek, member

Location: Seattle, Washington
Specialty: Sewing

I have been sewing and crafting since I was 6 years old, and needed to provide my Barbie dolls with a pretty trash can, and some simple fashions hand-stitched out of fabric scraps. I have done custom designs for almost 30 years, and I now have available to anyone that sews my own independent pattern line under the name paradiso designs by cheryl kuczek. The patterns consist of the best in handbag designs for a custom and professional look. I also sell my designs on esty and my flickr page. I hope to have clothing patterns by this summer. I have been teaching for 2 years and hope to spread the gospel of sewing to everyone that wants to learn, young and old.


Dana Finkle, assistant editor

Location: CT
Specialty: Sewing


Emmy Gabriel, member

Location: Oxford, CT
Specialty: Other Crafts

I am a full time writer and formulator for the soap and cosmetic ingredient supplier, As a writer and formulator I get to create DIY recipes for soaps, cosmetics, bath goodies, and more. I keep track of my creations and talk about the ingredients that I use on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.

When Im not formulating scrubs and bubbles I am at home pursuing my other crafty ventures. I am an avid sewer, paper crafter, and artist. I dabble in all crafts, but recently I have developed a strong taste for printing and collage.


Jeffery Rudell, contributor

Location: NY
Specialty: Paper Crafts

I am a paper artist whose work combines my background in graphic art with my lifelong fascination with traditional craft techniques. My work runs the gamut from highly sculptural Baroque headdresses crafted from handmade French papers to African tribal masks crafted from discarded shopping bags. Despite the diversity of my subject matter, I strive to make work that has a strong sculptural quality, is drawn from organic shapes, and has a sort of crisp lyricism.

My work has been featured at Tiffany & Co. (Fifth Avenue), Mish New York, The New York Botanical Garden, and can also be seen in the pages of Elle Decor, Brides, Receptions, and Good Housekeeping magazines among others.

I am also a writer and storyteller whose work has been performed at the New York Public Library, The Players Club, the American Institute of Architects, and the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Connecticut. In 2007 I was a featured performer on the National Storytelling Tour. Check out my stories at The Moth Podcast on iTunes or at

In 2005 I was a candidate on the NBC television show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Contact: You can reach me at my name "jeffrudell" followed by the "@" symbol and the extension "gmail". (Pardon this cumbersome format but as anyone who has posted their full email address online will attest, extraordinary steps are necessary if one is to avoid being buried in an avalanche of unwanted junk mail.)


Jennifer Stern, contributor

Location: Manchester, CT
Specialty: Embroidery

I love to create, whether it be through drafting patterns, digitizing my own original embroidery or trying my hand at something new. My love of stitchery, matched with years of honing my technical skills, have won my embroidered wearables spots in fashion shows and my original embroidery designs have been sold to benefit important causes such as breast cancer research. I am a regular contributor to Threads, and participate in prestigious international fashion events. Fashion design is like architecture to me and I love wearing the clothes that I create.


Linda Permann, contributor

Location: San Antonio, TX
Specialty: Crochet

I am a craft designer, writer and editor. I have been crocheting steadily for over seven years and am a regular contributor to Crochet Today magazine. I am the author of Crochet Adorned: Reinvent Your Wardrobe with Crocheted Accents, Embellishments and Trims.

My crochet patterns have been published in Stitch and Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker, Knit 1, Adorn, and Vogue Knittings On The Go: Grannies. I also contribute to Sew Simple, Craft, Interweave Crochet and more. I was the founding Craft and Decorating Editor of Adorn magazine and delight in all kinds of crafts. See what I’m up to at


Mary Ray, contributor

Location: Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
Specialty: Quilting

I am a contributing editor, and former associate editor, for Threads and I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember. I began making quilted garments after joining a quilt guild and got hooked. These pieces began appearing in fashion shows and winning awards. I’m a devotee of everything quilting and have written numerous articles on the subject as well as teaching my techniques at shows and retreats around the country. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina – a Mecca for fine craft. Visit me online at


Michaela Murphy, contributor

Location: Seattle, WA
Specialty: Omnicrafter

I have been making things to wear, eat, and read since I was a little girl in Providence, Rhode Island. I now make my home in Seattle and continue to pursue all things crafty.

Follow me on Twitter: bigalicenyc


Nicole Smith, contributor

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Specialty: Sewing

Why, hello there.

For more on me, visit my blog at:

Originally a Texan, I can usually be found wandering around Brooklyn or practicing my banjo while concocting things edible or crafty in my Flatbush apartment. After moving to the Big Apple, I had the lovely pleasure of working for several publications including Seventeen, Teen People, Cutting Edge, and Adorn. My work has also been featured in several publications including Adorn, Knit.1, BUST and many other books and magazines.

I guess you can say that I'm an omni-crafter, but I mostly dig sewing and pattern making. I currently design clothing, jewelry, accessories and sewing patterns, while working as an editor for STITCH magazine. Previously I was the lead editor for SewStylish and the Associate Editor for Threads . I also teach workshops, private lessons and classes at 3rdWard in Brooklyn.


Shannon Dennis, contributor

Location: Cleveland, OH
Specialty: Sewing

If you count those plastic animals with the holes punched in the sides that you sew with a shoe lace then I have been sewing for 20 years. I love to create and would definately put myself in the multi-crafter category. I have written two books Make It You: Sew Hip and Make It You: Your Space.

As if a full-time job at an advertising agency doesn't keep me busy enough, I am working at building my business Nina (, writing articles for sewing and crafting magazines, designing projects for websites and am delighted to be a part of CraftStylish! My husband Jeff and I live in Cleveland (Rocks!) with our two dogs and kitty.


Susan Beal, contributor

Location: Portland, OR
Specialty: Jewelry Making

I'm a jewelry designer, writer, and crafter in Portland, Oregon, and I love making things, vintage and thrift-store shopping, and writing about it all. I mostly do jewelry-making, sewing, and general crafts projects for CraftStylish, which are my favorites!

I'm the author of Button It Up and Bead Simple, and the co-author of Super Crafty with Cathy Pitters, Torie Nguyen, and Rachel O’Rourke. I also write a daily craft blog,, and you can find more of my crafty projects and writing at


Tina Hilton, contributor

Location: Malaysia
Specialty: Knitting


betz white, contributor

Location: MD
Specialty: Sewing

Betz White is a designer, author and green crafter who combines her whimsical color and design sense with a love for repurposing. In 2005, Betz left her former career as a childrens wear designer to pursue a new love: creating one-of-a-kind items from second hand materials. Her line of home and fashion accessories is sold online around the world and has been featured on Martha Stewarts television show, in CRAFT, Country Living, and Adorn magazines, and on numerous craft podcasts. Her first book, Warm Fuzzies (North Light), was published in Fall 2007. Her second book, Sewing Green (Stewart Tabori and Chang) is due to be released Spring 2009.

Office Honoree-2009 Webby Awards