Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Grandeur

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Mhuynh Michelle Huynh, Web Editorial Assistant
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Perfect for quilters who want to create grand designs, Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Grandeur (Taunton, 2013) features 20 all-new patterns that highlight Kaffe's signature line of Rowan fabrics. Before starting your project, become inspired by the beautiful gallery of contemporary style quilts captured in the first half of the book.

Learn about different color pallets and substitutions, while choosing between classic or current fabrics for a distinct look. The super saturated pinks, clear turquoise, vivid lavenders, and high impact reds beautifully showcase the designs from quilters with household names. The following projects include: Mary Mashuta's Swirling Petals, Lisa Prior Lucy's Cartwheel, Judy Baldwin's Diagonal Brinks, Pauline Smith's Blue Haze, and Brandon Mably's Paper Dolls.

Each design has full color images, materials needed, assembly diagram, and templates that are both listed and provided. Kaffe 's 30 years of expierence will walk you through creating a fabulous piece from start to finish. 

Leave a comment on this post before the deadline-11:59 P.M., September 13 and you could take home a copy of Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Grandeur. A winner will be chosen at random and announced via email the week of September 16.

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Comments (54)

kentuckygirl1961 writes: What a beautiful book - and how inspiring! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!
Posted: 3:30 pm on September 13th
ctdamsel writes: Any book by Kaffe Fassett is worth owning.
Posted: 9:14 am on September 13th
BowTies_BearPaws writes: I'd love to make one of the designs with Kaffe's beautiful fabrics.
Posted: 11:55 pm on September 12th
DOMsmommy writes: He is such an inspiration!! That book might just contain my future bedding set! <3
Posted: 5:31 pm on September 11th
cadesnana writes: i'd love to win this book of wonderful designs.
Posted: 8:07 pm on September 10th
TawnyBee writes: Oh my gosh. I love the rumpled quilt on the cover. So beautiful.
Posted: 6:53 pm on September 10th
butrfly2200 writes: thanks for the chance to win. great prize
Posted: 6:10 pm on September 10th
theeema writes: This would make a wonderful and colorful addition to my craft library. Thanks for the Giveaway!
Posted: 2:15 pm on September 10th
2Quilty writes: I love the use of colors in all his quilts. Such a treat for your eyes!
Posted: 8:31 am on September 10th
friskygirl45 writes: I am a beginner and I am struggling with different ways to put my quilt together and patterns to use for my scraps...would love to have this book to share with my mother in law and step mother in law who are trying to help me learn to quilt. Love to be able to surprise them with what I can learn.
Posted: 7:35 am on September 10th
hpsflick writes: I love Kaffe Fassett's fabrics and would love to win this book. I have a hard time choosing quilting fabrics, unless they are all in one line, so the book would be a welcome help.
Posted: 9:32 pm on September 8th
marklu writes: I am going to learn to quilt. With all the inspiring fabrics and patterns I will have a hard time choosing one. What a great Book!
Posted: 12:22 am on September 8th
sandralee1988 writes: Beautiful book! As a knitter also have always loved his work :)
Posted: 3:02 pm on September 7th
PixiePastry writes: I'm a beginner quilter cause I just couldn't resist it any longer. Taking my lessons from a sweet neighbor. Would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 2:36 pm on September 7th
MissPat writes: I love everything about his color choices, his patterns, his books. I would love to be chosen for a copy of this book.
Posted: 1:17 pm on September 7th
Decoratenu writes: Kaffe's use of color is so inspiring! I'm a big fan & would love to add this book to my collection! I find turning the pages in any of his books gets the wheels turning in my brain! Thanks for offering such a wonderful book in a contest.
Posted: 12:34 pm on September 7th
AdeleImelda writes: I love his colour choices. I hope that I win so that I can let the inspiration seep in.
Posted: 12:18 pm on September 7th
Marrieb writes: I am a great fan of the knitting, embroidery, fabric and quilting designs of Kaffe Fassett. I would love to get his new book!
Posted: 12:12 pm on September 7th
quiltgeezer writes: I am always open to new ideas and designs. This would be a great addition. would love to win this book.
Posted: 11:55 am on September 7th
user-911134 writes: I would love to win this book, I simply love Kaffe Fassett's work and books.
Thank you the chance to win this his latest book!
Posted: 11:55 am on September 7th
Dmark8118 writes: I would love to wi this beautiful book. I am making more contemporary quilts, so this would be inspiring! Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 10:27 am on September 7th
loscann writes: I love the front cover styling! I made a crib quilt for my first daughter after she was born, but have not had the time to make one for my second daughter. Now that they are in school, I think I could be inspired to make quilts for all of us with this book! Thanks for this great contest!
Posted: 7:22 am on September 7th
Joannaok writes: This would be such an exciting addition to my quilting library!
Posted: 7:16 am on September 7th
sharonp123 writes: I never, never, never, never win anything - but this would be wonderful!
Posted: 6:59 am on September 7th
alittlebirdsaid writes: Such opulence, such glorious colours, faded and new brought together with love.
Oh to fall into that bed of splendid delights surrounding yourself with sewn and patched fabrics, created by your own hand.
A Princess of the past, awoken by the love of owning such a special book.
Posted: 4:55 am on September 7th
BelleBeryl writes: Lovely giveaway I have one FQ of Kaffe Fassett fabric which was part of a random FQ set I ordered. I always like browsing the KF books great inspiration so would be really nice to win this, as I do handquilting.
Posted: 3:18 am on September 7th
Carla writes: This book would be exactly what I need to get back into quilting. Thank you for the book giveaway.
Posted: 1:17 am on September 7th
jeragan writes: Thanks - love the colors!!
Posted: 10:07 pm on September 6th
Kathie510 writes: I have loved Kaffe from the time I first learned of him in the 80"S. What a great fun guy and wonderful talent!

I'd love to have this book!

Kathie B.
Posted: 9:43 pm on September 6th
Cheriezel writes: My mom had introduced me to Kaffe - so beautiful!
Posted: 9:32 pm on September 6th
TLCH writes: This book would be a great addition to my library.
Posted: 9:26 pm on September 6th
user-1088709 writes: My mother quilts and I knit.... Kaffe Fassett bridges the gap between arts and between the generations!
Posted: 9:20 pm on September 6th
onorman writes: Love quilts and this looks like it has some great ones.
Posted: 8:59 pm on September 6th
Quiltrn writes: I love Kaffe Fasset fabric and especially the bright colors and patterns. I would love to win the book.
Posted: 8:17 pm on September 6th
blazing writes: I am new to quilting and could use all the help I can get.
Posted: 7:52 pm on September 6th
Kyrielle writes: I love Kaffe Fassett and this looks like a wonderful book!
Posted: 7:28 pm on September 6th
Liberty1889 writes: I have loved Kaffe Fassett's designs since his first needlepoint and knitting books came out. This book would be a great addition to my collection.
Posted: 7:06 pm on September 6th
Tina516 writes: I'm a long time fan of Kaffe's. I saw him speak at a guild function a couple years ago. Super cool & talented guy.
Posted: 7:03 pm on September 6th
24g writes: I own several books by Kaffe Fassett. His use of colors is so creative and colorful. I would like to add this book to my collection.
Posted: 6:44 pm on September 6th
rodrigues writes: I think I have all of his other books! Beautiful quilts! I've used his ideas to jumpstart my own creativity. He is inspiring!
Posted: 5:51 pm on September 6th
chriswri writes: I would love to learn more about Kaffe Fasset's methods, use of fabrics and materials. How better than a book with all of that plus patterns!
Posted: 5:45 pm on September 6th
lroghair writes: I LOVE Kaffe Fassett! Would love to win his book.
Lroghair (at) aol (dot) com
Posted: 5:21 pm on September 6th
Loves_it writes: Kaffe Fassett's material and books are such a feast for the eye! I have always loved the designs and have quite a few of his pieces in my stash for a future project. Thanks for the change to win his book:)
Posted: 5:11 pm on September 6th
celticangel writes: WOW!!! This giveaway would be such a real treasure for me. I have never made a quilt but always wanted to and this would be such a real great tool for me. Thank you for a chance to win.
Posted: 5:07 pm on September 6th
debrajwebb writes: Beautiful book and great giveaway!
Blessings! <3
Debra J Webb
Posted: 4:53 pm on September 6th
LDL writes: Great fabric from Rowan and lots of inspiration...what could do a better job of adding light and warmth to the fall?
Posted: 4:36 pm on September 6th
user-518987 writes: Love his quilts and adore the fabrics!!!
Posted: 4:27 pm on September 6th
SoPark writes: The cover is quilt is absolutely yummy! Kaffe's combination of color and design is beautiful.
Posted: 4:20 pm on September 6th
ceres writes: The book title is so appropriate for Kaffe's quilts and fabric.
Posted: 4:08 pm on September 6th
KnitZy writes: As a knitter and big fan of Kaffe Fasset's knitting, I would love to check this book out, since my next project involves finally getting around to quilting!
Posted: 3:58 pm on September 6th
sewing_teacher writes: Kaffe's use of color in his quilts is amazing. I would love to win this book.
Posted: 3:55 pm on September 6th
lucilledupuis writes: I'm a new quilter and can't decide if I'm modern or traditional. KF walks the line!
Posted: 3:54 pm on September 6th
ScarletCleopatra writes: So beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted: 3:50 pm on September 6th
CraftingGal writes: Such beautiful quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted: 3:36 pm on September 6th
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