How To Make a Crochet Lace Doily Bowl

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This is an easy craft that your kids will enjoy. There's something children REALLY love about getting their hands all slimy and squishy with glue.


Materials needed :


  • Craft glue
  • a balloon
  • a crochet doily


1. Blow up the balloon and set it on a bowl to hold it in place.


2. Pour a generous amount of glue into a bowl.


3. Soak the doily in the glue. Massage glue into the doily.


4. Spread the wet doily over the balloon, making sure the center of the doily is over the center of the balloon.


5. Flatten the doily out so that there are no creases and the ends of the doily are straight and symmetrical .


6.  Set aside to dry completely (+- 24 hours)


7. When the glue is completely dry, the doily will feel hard to the touch. Pop the balloon with a pin and remove it from your lace bowl.

Voila! What a stunning lace bowl you have made.

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