Blackout Window Blind For Children's Room

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Full down position
Half up position
Covering the top only
Full down position

Full down position

It's a fairly simple project. That blind was something I desperately needed for a window in the kid's room when the nights became shorter and shorter and the sun started coming up way too early. So, I used this effective solution to block sun rays in the morning hours. Later, I made and installed two similar blinds in another room we rarely use and they turned to be a great way to keep window panes clean as well, at least on the inside.

Materials I used:


  • Large piece of cotton fabric
  • blackout liner
  • velcro straps
  • Optional: spray paint and big buttons


More info

Not much to explain about how I made this, it's all pretty basic to be honest - no special skills required. As you can see from the pictures, there are 3 ways to set up the windows with the finished blind installed. It could cover the upper half of window, the top only and of course the whole window to fully block sunshine. In the last case, you can see the owls I painted (don't judge me, I'm no painter at all) with a spray I bought especially for this blind.

If you want to go creative with the velcro and buttons, then sky is the limit. Or your imagination actually - you can adapt the blind to cover any area of the windows as you place buttons/straps exactly where you need them to fit the size and shape of your panes. And some spray paint will help you make your blackout drapes truly one-of-a-kind and your children will probably appreciate this.

Pattern or design used: Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney
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