Book Giveaway: "Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads"

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Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads by Cirilia Rose (Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 2014)

Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads by Cirilia Rose (Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 2014)

The modern knitting enthusiast's life is a mult-faceted one. Cirilia Rose recognizes this in her book Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads (Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 2014), which is why the book is divided into three sections. The "Magpies" section gives you a way to use all those precious little yarn scraps you've collected over the years. The "Homebodies" section is full of knitting projects best suited for quiet knitting sessions in the comfort of your own home. The "Nomads" features projects for when you feel compelled to go out and share your work with the knitting community and get inspired.

If you'd like to enter for a chance to win one of two copies of this book, it's as simple as leaving a comment here by December 8. The winners will be randomly selected and notified shortly thereafter.

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Comments (45)

mcbennett writes: Love the title and premise for this book. The type and cover design draw me in - wish I took take a peak inside! I'm determined that this is the winter I begin to knit! This book would provide the type of inspiration and instruction I'm looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!
Posted: 10:49 am on November 13th
Decoratenu writes: The title caught my eye. I have a friend who's constantly knitting goodies. If I win, I'll give it to her, so our group of friends can continue to benefit! ;>) (Keeping fingers crossed!)
Posted: 4:18 pm on December 8th
mek140 writes: I love the book's title -very enchanting

Posted: 10:01 am on December 8th
user-3568386 writes: Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I want to win a book!
Posted: 7:59 pm on December 6th
littleonemast writes: I am loving the comments and reviews so far. A book of creative patterns and a way to incorporate creativity in your life. Sounds wonderful!
Posted: 12:41 am on December 4th
avasgrndma writes: What an interesting title to your book! It would even be more interesting on my bookshelf!
Posted: 10:12 pm on December 2nd
flittingimage writes: I've injured my foot & am sitting here w/ it elevated & on ice.
Perfect time to knit, right?
Posted: 11:25 am on December 2nd
tinapickles writes: Because even in Miami I can't stop knitting! Thank you for the thoughtful give away!
Posted: 8:06 pm on November 30th
luckysue writes: This is the best way to be using up all of my stash from small to large bundles. Great idea - wish I had thought of it.
[email protected]
Posted: 12:30 pm on November 30th
bennysmom writes: Looks like an interesting idea and book---would love the chance to win!
Posted: 11:16 am on November 30th
kjcaron writes: This looks like an awesome new book! Thank you for the chance to win one!
Posted: 6:29 am on November 30th
meorens writes: Looks lovely!
Posted: 8:03 pm on November 29th
NGuy writes: What a creative title! Can't wait to see the patterns!

Posted: 1:27 pm on November 29th
Bbma890 writes: I am such a homebody and a magpie. I have been wondering what to do with all my leftover bits and bobs. I hate to throw things away!

Posted: 10:27 am on November 29th
crafter1789 writes: I'm a Homebody AND a Magpie. This looks like a very interesting book!!
Posted: 10:06 am on November 29th
TwoBees writes: I'm definitely a magpie & would love to win this book to use more of my stash productively.
Posted: 4:34 am on November 29th
squirrel_ee writes: I am a Nomad sometimes and I have bits of yarn.
Posted: 11:31 pm on November 28th
Karey writes: This looks like a different fun book!!
Posted: 11:00 pm on November 28th
lk001 writes: Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. :) It looks like an interesting book.
Posted: 10:59 pm on November 28th
LisaAnne2 writes: As a long time knitter, the names of the sections gets my creativity flowing. Of course, my husband says it never stops.
Posted: 8:59 pm on November 28th
user-119425 writes: This looks like a fun book!
Posted: 7:16 pm on November 28th
pattipat writes: It sounds like a very interesting book. Might be just what I need to get me back into knitting.
Posted: 7:10 pm on November 28th
ChaeMcCoy writes: I've had my eye on this book! Thanks for the chance to win :)
Posted: 7:03 pm on November 28th
CraftingGal writes: Looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win!

Posted: 6:46 pm on November 28th
sandralee1988 writes: This book looks great!! :)
Posted: 3:13 pm on November 28th
ustabahippie writes: I'd love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 1:47 pm on November 28th
lconeal writes: Thanks for the giveaway!
Posted: 1:43 pm on November 28th
JaniceMSJ writes: This would make a lovely gift for my friend.
Posted: 12:20 pm on November 28th
snowpaws writes: thank you for the opportunity to win this book
Posted: 12:18 pm on November 28th
Julebee writes: I would love to win this book!
Posted: 11:45 am on November 28th
100degrees writes: Oh, yes. I've been wishing for this book. Thanks.
Posted: 10:53 am on November 28th
cllcraft writes: This book has great inspiring projects. I'd love to win a copy!
Posted: 9:49 am on November 28th
ctdamsel writes: Love the Coterie Cardigan
Posted: 9:43 am on November 28th
maube writes: Looks like fun. Always looking for inspiration and ways to use scraps
Posted: 9:20 am on November 28th
amucci writes: Would love to win this!
Posted: 8:39 am on November 28th
wendy_ware writes: I'll be interested to learn about the 'Magpies'...
Posted: 8:38 am on November 28th
annina_ch writes: lovely

Posted: 5:52 am on November 28th
jennieMB writes: Sounds interesting, wonder what the projects are using yarn scraps.
Posted: 7:56 pm on November 26th
Col_leen writes: Nice
Posted: 12:44 pm on November 26th
connierose writes: Hoping to win.

Posted: 5:55 pm on November 25th
lacore writes: This books looks great and very creative. I'd love to get a copy. Thanks a lot for doing this raffle.
Posted: 4:43 pm on November 25th
CrochetAddictUK writes: Thanks for the chance to win! Looks like a fantastic book!
Posted: 11:07 am on November 25th
scull writes: lovely. thanks!
Posted: 10:12 am on November 25th
ShiningStar writes: This sounds like a good book.
Posted: 3:31 am on November 25th
arundle81 writes: Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted: 7:48 pm on November 24th
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