How to Make Fabric Tape Flowers

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Jayna Maleris Super Cute Duct Tape booklet can be purchased in our online store.
Photo: Alexandra Grablewski

In this excerpt from Jayna Maleri's Super Cute Duct Tape booklet, you'll learn how to make a beautiful calla lily from fabric tape.

There are several different types of flowers you can make with fabric tape, but I love these elegant, unexpected calla lilies best. And unlike the real deal, they'll last you a lifetime!



  • Fabric crafting tape of your choice (the wider size works best here)
  • Scissors
  • Hollow plastic coffee stirrer
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Chalk
  • Drinking straw


1. Cut a 3-in. piece of yellow fabric tape into a long, skinny triangle shape. Place the wide base of the triangle on one end of the coffee stirrer and wind the triangle around itself, keeping it centered on the stirrer as you go. Roll the tape as tightly as you can around the stirrer, avoiding gaps or looseness if possible. This ensures the center of your flower will retain its shape.

2. Once the tape is completely wound around itself, cut the wrapped tape section off of the stirrer and set aside. This is the cen ter of your flower.

3. Cut four 4-in. lengths of fabric tape. Remove the paper backing and slightly overlap 2 pieces of tape, then repeat with remaining 2 lengths of tape. You should end up with two large squares of tape. Place them, sticky-side up, on your work surface.

4. Cut a 4-in. piece of floral wire and place it down the center of one of your fabric tape squares, so that it sticks in place. Place the second square, sticky-side down, on top of the wired square, so that the wire is sandwiched between the tape squares.

5. Use chalk to draw a calla lily (teardrop) shape on the tape square, making sure the wire is in the center of the shape. Cut out the shape.

6. Wrap the wider part of the teardrop around the drinking straw and use a piece of fabric tape to secure it at its base. Wind the piece of tape a few times around the straw to ensure the petal is securely in place.

7. Insert the yellow flower center inside the petal, securing in place with a small strip of tape. Gently bend tip of the flower petal backwards to create a calla lily shape.

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