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Jayne & Jodie Davis Fabulous Mini Quilts booklet can be purchased in our online store.
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This project from Jayne & Jodie Davis' Fabulous Mini Quilts booklet will teach you how to make a pillow from a miniature quilt. Anything you can quilt, you can put on a pillow - the possibilities are endless.


• Mini quilt pattern of your choice
• 18-in.-square muslin for the quilt backing
• 16½-in.-square fabric for the pillow backing
• 16-in.-square pillow form
• Handful of polyester stuffing
• Seam roll or tightly rolled up towel


1. Start with a mini quilt of your own design. Use the muslin square as the backing for the quilt sandwich (see below) and do not apply the binding. Trim the quilt sandwich to 16½ in. square.   mini quilt pillow 1

A Quilt Sandwich

By definition, a quilt is two pieces of fabric- the quilt top and the backing-with something soft in between. To get that soft layer, quilters use batting. To build your quilt sandwich, start from the bottom layer and work up. There are three ways to hold the layers together: basting spray, safety pins, and hand basting. Is one method better than another? Not really. Try them all and see what works best for you.

2. Layer the quilt top and pillow backing, right sides together. Match the raw edges. Pin together, leaving a wide opening at the bottom to insert the pillow form. Machine-stitch, rounding the corners. The rounded corners will make the pillow look better when finished. Turn the pillow cover right side out and carefully press it using a seam roll or a tightly rolled up towel.   mini quilt pillow 2

3. Fill the four corners tightly with polyester stuffing. Insert the pillow form. Pin the opening at the bottom edge and slipstitch closed.   mini quilt pillow 3

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Posted: 11:04 pm on October 3rd
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Posted: 3:27 am on September 13th
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Posted: 12:44 am on March 15th
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Posted: 5:51 am on March 1st
tyson34 writes: I dn't like this pattern, but the general idea is nice :)
Posted: 1:28 am on July 18th
roselynbette writes: I really like the style you choose to give an example with!
Posted: 10:18 am on April 23rd
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