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May is National Pet Month and we're celebrating by giving you a chance to win a book full of projects for your precious pet. Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne (The Taunton Press, 2009) has projects for animals of all shapes and sizes, including cats, dogs, birds, tortoises, hamsters, and even horses.

Among the 33 easy-to-follow patterns in this book are pet garments such as jackets and hats, and other pet-related objects such as cushions and blankets. You're sure to find at least one project that will show your pet how much you care.


We're giving away two copies of this incredible book. Leave a comment here by 11:59 p.m. EST, May 14 for your chance to win. The winners will be selected at random and notified shortly thereafter.

Good Luck!

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Comments (43)

lesterneal32 writes: i love pets
Posted: 4:02 am on July 26th
lela_friens writes: Oh my goodness! I was just wondering out loud, when speaking with my mother earlier today, where I could find patterns for pet garments and such. This would be a lovely win! Thanks so much for the chance!
Posted: 10:29 pm on May 10th
tyson34 writes: Nice book, I already have it.
Posted: 1:27 am on July 18th
ScarlettJones writes: Oh, it so sad I missed this game. When will you have other games like this?
Posted: 3:14 am on June 3rd
akwmwhite writes: What a wonderful book this would be to have in my library for our furry friends. Thank you for this opportunity.
Posted: 5:24 pm on May 11th
jennieMB writes: Awesome. My dog loves toys, hates sweaters though. And would like some ideas of what to make my cat.
Posted: 3:45 pm on May 11th
jemima1 writes: Would love to make gifts for friends.
Posted: 7:21 am on May 11th
bozocat writes: What a great prize! I have cats & many of my friends have dogs... would be great to make items for all of them!
Posted: 1:03 pm on May 9th
roselynbette writes: I have a whole zoo at home and this would be great since I rarely am creative enough to come up with projects for my dogs(the creative part is why I visit this website, ha).
Posted: 3:05 pm on May 7th
2nantc writes: Your cover is so cute! My mother and older sister are great knitters and crocheters, and are always looking for new projects. Both own pets, so this would be a natural fit for their talents!Thanks for a chance to win this book.
Posted: 11:13 am on May 6th
PurelyPurple writes: hi! i would love this book, as i would like to make some things for our 2 cats and 2 dogs. one dog is smaller than the cats and gets cold easily. they all like toys and like to play. i have made clothes for my mother's dog out of old t-shirts and a pleather skirt...i'd like to do something for ours!
Posted: 5:01 pm on May 5th
PurelyPurple writes: hi! i would love this book, as i would like to make some things for our 2 cats and 2 dogs. one dog is smaller than the cats and gets cold easily. they all like toys and like to play. i have made clothes for my mother's dog out of old t-shirts and a pleather skirt...i'd like to do something for ours!
Posted: 5:01 pm on May 5th
cmarchg writes: I have 2 dogs that I would love to knit for.
Posted: 10:01 am on May 5th
wharrison writes: I would love to wind this! I love making things for my pets!!!

Posted: 8:32 am on May 4th
sewpositivepam writes: This is awesome! My cats and dogs have been whining and pining for me to make something just for them. This may be just what I need to make their dreams come true. :-)
Posted: 6:47 am on May 4th
EIO writes: I would love to have this book and make something special for my cat.
Posted: 10:36 pm on May 3rd
sisylyn writes: Nancy
[email protected]
Would love to win a copy and make some quilts.
Posted: 3:59 pm on May 3rd
1kathyr writes: What a great resource this would be! I make things for my family and friends pets all the time, as well as items for an animal rescue annual fundraiser.
Posted: 1:46 pm on May 3rd
NanaJan writes: I would love to win this book! We are a big animal family & it would be great to make gifts & toys for our four legged family members.
Posted: 2:27 am on May 3rd
creativeexpressions2 writes: All of my family and friends either have a cat or dog and are constantly asking me to make stuff!!! this would come in handy!!
Posted: 12:30 am on May 3rd
celticangel writes: If I won this book it would mine the world to me. I have quite a few cats and a dog and I have already made coats for my dog Sammy. This would really help me improve my skills. Thank you for having such great giveaways!!
Posted: 12:25 am on May 3rd
Bigiron102 writes: I've never made something for my pet but would like too. Interesting.
Posted: 8:47 pm on May 2nd
DVG writes: I would love to be able to make something for my fuzzy family members plus some for the local rescue. Thank you for the chance to enter.
Posted: 7:31 pm on May 2nd
Katellez writes: My 4 cats would love it if I won this book.
Posted: 4:03 pm on May 2nd
madmamsqueek writes: I just wanted to comment on the comments, I love to see so many love there babies. All of our babies deserve the best.
Posted: 9:13 am on May 2nd
allmomsrule writes: My three dogs would probably love it if I made something for them for a change
Posted: 8:52 am on May 2nd
sumac05301 writes: My 2 cats would love to have me make them some new things. This book looks great!
Posted: 8:05 am on May 2nd
janer711 writes: I have a dog and I would love to have the book.
Posted: 7:13 am on May 2nd
kmegamom writes: This soundsike a great book! I'd love to add thi to my library!!! My grandsons and I make all kinds of crafts and I know they would love to add pet crafts to the mix!!
Posted: 11:50 pm on May 1st
user-350690 writes: What a way to spoil and pamper my "kids".
Posted: 9:15 pm on May 1st
RushW writes: Christmas here I come.

Posted: 9:05 pm on May 1st
user-234821 writes: What a wonderful book! I have a dog, my Daughter a cat and others a horse! This book covers them all (no pun intended).
Posted: 7:14 pm on May 1st
cicichap3 writes: Levi, my Jack Russell thinks he is my child.....he loves his "babies" (stuffed animals) and he has his snuggle would be more fun to make things specially for him...
Posted: 7:06 pm on May 1st
lwood writes: After my 18-year-old dachshund passed away I have not yet met a dog I would like to keep, but I have two grand-dogs and two niece-dogs I make and buy things for. This would be really great, thank you for the opportunity.
Posted: 6:38 pm on May 1st
Mimi310 writes: I have a cat that thinks everything is a toy, so this book will be great.
Posted: 6:36 pm on May 1st
fr8rain writes: I feed 10 so need lots of toys and other accessories

Posted: 5:35 pm on May 1st
user-3553650 writes: This would be a fantastic book to add to my collection - great gift ideas inside for pet lovers!
Posted: 5:34 pm on May 1st
tomsmama2 writes: Thanks for the generous offer! God luck all!
Posted: 5:31 pm on May 1st
candyflo writes: I have a German Shepherd and I love crafting. Good luck to everyone.
Posted: 5:26 pm on May 1st
Tamare writes: I have a beautiful Pinscher and she is going to be 10 years old next July, I will be very happy to make something from this wonderful book for her. Thanks a lot!
Posted: 5:25 pm on May 1st
gypsylady2160 writes: I have a elderly dog and would love to make him special things. He's been a faithful companion for over 15 years! Love this boy!
Posted: 5:05 pm on May 1st
CindySP writes: I would love to win this; I am on two pet therapy teams that visit in hospitals and nursing homes and I am always looking for creative ideas of gifts for the hard working pets on my teams.
Posted: 4:54 pm on May 1st
darleneholte writes: I would love to win this! I have 4 cats and 2 dogs just waiting for me to make them something!
Posted: 4:20 pm on May 1st
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