How to Make Paper Quilled Jack O'Lantern Halloween Earrings

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Rolling the orange base of the earring
Shaping the mouth
assembling the earring
adding the top to make it into earrings
adding the sealant to make it sturdy and water resistant
Earrings finished!
Photo: Honey's Quilling

These adorable jack o'lantern earrings are a perfect Halloween accessory that you can make for yourself or a friend!


If you don't want to make earrings you can even use them as magnets instead, so cute!


If you are not familiar with paper quilling, visit this page to learn the basics:


two 72" strips of orange paper (I glued together three 24" strips) - 1/8" (3mm) width

two 3" strips of green paper - 1/8" (3mm) width

four 1 1/2" strips of green paper - 1/8 (3mm) width

one 24" strip of black paper - narrow (1/16", 1.5mm) width - for eyes and mouth

glue (my favorite is PPA - perfect paper adhesive)

sealant for making your earrings water resistant - you can read these posts for great information about which sealants, glazes, topcoats to use for your paper quilled jewelry: 

2 small jump rings (mine are 3mm inner diameter)

2 medium jump rings (mine are 4mm inner diameter)

2 earwires

slotted quilling tool

fine tip tweezers


I used 1/8" width paper for most of the earrings, I only used narrow for the face pieces.  If you don't have narrow paper you can use 1/8" width for the face pieces.  You can also try using 1/4" width paper for the earrings,b ut you'll need larger jump rings.



  • Roll the 72 strip into a tight roll and glue the end tight.  Notice that the end of the roll is ripped, as it glues down more smoothly that way.
  • Take the 24 strip of black narrow paper and rip it into six 3 strips (there should be one 6 strip left).  Roll each 3 strip into a tiny tight roll.  Pinch it into a teardrop, then press the bottom of the teardrop flat to make a triangle.  You will have to use your fingernails to pinch all three corners tightly to shape it correctly.
  • Fold the remaining 6 strand in half.  Spread glue along half of it, and fold it in half.  Allow it to fully dry, then cut the pieces for the mouth.  Each mouth needs a longer piece for the bottom and a shorter for the top.  The measurements are shown for the pieces I cut.  Yours can be shorter for a smaller mouth or longer for a larger mouth.  Curve the longer bottom piece for each mouth around the end of your quilling tool to make it into a curved shape.  Dab glue on each end of the curved shape and place the smaller straight piece on the top.  Hold it for a minute until it dries enough to hold and then lay it down to dry fully.  Alternatively you can use a tweezers to dip each separate piece into glue and place it directly onto the orange base.
  • Time to assemble your Jack O' Lanterns!  Squeeze a bit of glue onto a surface (I like using a plastic surface), pick up each piece with the tweezers, dip into the glue, and place onto the orange base.
  • Now you need to add a top to your Jack O' Lantern to make it into earrings (or you can just add a magnet to your Jack O' Lantern or glue it onto a post for post earrings as well).  There are several ways to add a top to dangle earrings.  For this pair I decided to do the three circles on top.
  • You will need to add sealant to make sure your earrings are sturdy and water resistant.  There are many sealants that you can use!  Some sealants will be liquid while others will be more thick.  If you use a liquidy sealant you can dip the earrings in as shown here.  Use tweezers, flip the piece over a couple times (make sure it is fully dry before you put on the sealant!) , set on a tissue for about 10 seconds and then place on a plastic surface to dry (move it around on the plastic surface a couple times in the first 10 minutes or so so that no sealant pools underneath.  If you are using a thicker sealant you'll need to do one side at a time and use a paintbrush to apply it or squeeze it carefully.

Do you like this tutorial?  Visit to view many more free tutorials!


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