How to Make Cute Valentine's Day Window Decorations

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Valentines Day Heart Curtains
Valentines Day Wreath with Ribbon
Valentines Day Decals
 Valentines Day Stencil
Valentines Day Stencil
Valentines Day Heart Curtains Valentine's Day Heart Curtains Photo: TheLittleThingsEV via Etsy

It doesn't need to cost a fortune to decorate your windows in a festive way. In fact, you'll probably have most of the materials you need. Want to try making your own displays? Take a look below at a few ideas…


Heart Curtains

If you've got a colourful paper and scissors you'll soon be hanging pretty curtains made from heart shapes. Choose appropriate colours for the holiday like red, pink and white. Fold the paper and draw with a pencil one half of a heart, then cut it out without . That way you will have hearts with even sides. If you don't want completely symmetric shapes, you can skip the folding part. Make them the hearts all kinds of sizes! You can join them with wire or tape, or you can sew them together with neat stitches.

Before you hang the curtain it's a good idea to measure the depth of the window, then you can make sure it fits. If you want a better quality curtain you could use different fabrics to define the heart shapes, and then sew them together before attaching them to the wire.



You can buy ribbon by the metre or even in remnant form to cheaply embellish a window. Choose bright reds and pinks to suit the theme. Drape different lengths of ribbon from the curtain pole to cascade down. Try using different fabrics such as satin and organza to create a textured look. If you've got a wreath to hang you could thread the ribbon through the centre for a lovely focal point.



There's a huge range of self-adhesive vinyls to choose from which add a delightful seasonal look to your windows. The beauty of many decals is that they can also be re-used - they're easy to attach and remove too. All you do is peel and stick! Valentine's Day stickers come in packs of hearts, Cupids, birds and many more love scenarios, the choice is yours.



Another simple but effective way of decorating your windows is with stencils. Make your own Valentine's Day scene templates on cardboard, cut them out and use coloured paper to trace around the template giving you the perfect design. Sprinkle it with glitter or spray it with shimmer paint before fixing it to the window. You can use tape or adhesive to keep it secure.


Laminated Silhouettes

Valentine's Day window silhouettes are simple enough to make! All you need is black paper and yellow tissue paper with birds and hearts printable templates. Fold the tissue in half and cut a semi-circle from the centre. Open out to reveal a full circle and put this on a piece of laminating paper. Now's the time to add some glitter. Then print and cut out the template-you can do this on a piece of scrap paper, and then use the template to cut the shape from the black paper. Lay the shape over the circle, close the laminating sheet and feed the picture through a laminator.


Paper Silhouettes

For an easy option for children, try a paper alternative. Use two sheets of paper with a sticky backing – sometimes known as contact paper – lay one with the sticky side up on the table. Put the moon, glitter and silhouette in the right place and carefully add the second sheet of paper without backing on top. Smooth it out as you go to avoid bubbling.

For very young children just cut out some simple templates such as hearts, sprinkle them with glitter and stick them to the window! It's as easy as that.


And When Valentine's Day is Over…

What might not be quite so easy is removing the window decorations after the holiday. If you find you can't get rid of the entire sticky residue, it would be advisable to call a local window cleaning company to help. They'll have all the tools and cleaning products needed to get the job done quickly and effectively.



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