8 Accessories That Look Like Your Favorite Food

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In case you missed it, fake food accessories are the new trend this year. It all started in Japan and China, where teenagers like to wear fake-food hairclips, earrings, necklaces, clothes and charms. These accessories are for men and women who want to take their fashion style to the next level. You can choose to wear anything from fruits and vegetables to French fries, hamburgers, doughnuts, sushi, pizza, fried eggs and anything that crosses your mind. They look so realistic that you will want to eat them. Just remember to place them in the category of foods you should never eat and you should be safe.

Each of these items is handmade and therefore, each is unique. It takes hours to create a miniature carrot or onion. Imagine how much it takes to create more complicated dishes such as pasta, sushi, noodles or burrito.

Accessories that look like real food

1. Ramen noodles necklace

This detailedchain includes a bowl with noodles, pieces of pork, a tasty broth, a hard-boiled egg and chives. It is made of polymer clay and then sprayed with agloss finish to protect the pendant and to give it a beautiful shine.  


2. Nachos necklace

Who does not like nachos? This necklace looks delicious, and it's calorie free. You can see the fantastic details of the tortilla chips, the cheese, ripe tomatoes, seasoned ground beef and sour cream, all carefully placed on a Mexican themed plate.


3. Scented chocolate chip cookie earrings

Who said that you cannot wear chocolate chip cookies as earrings? These cookies with extra chunks of dark chocolate not only look as if they are freshly baked, but they also smell like real ones.


4. Scented cupcake ring

Look at this adorable tiny cupcake with the pink frosting on the yellow cake. It look delicious and smells delicious too, just like freshly baked cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Yummy!


5. Pretzel necklace

Do you feel like having a snack? Just try not to chew this adorable pretzel necklace made of polymer clay.

6. Sprinkle donut earrings

You get hungry only by looking at these earrings. Doughnuts covered in astrawberry glaze with colorful sprinkles. They look just like the real thing.

7. Barbecue ribs charm

You can adorn your smartphone or key chain with a chunk of barbecue ribs covered in delicious gravy. Only the BBQ lovers would understand the perfection of this charm.


8. Cheeseburger earrings

How about some fast food? Yes, these earrings look just like your favorite cheeseburgers with a fluffy bun, melting cheese and juicy burger patty.


Do you like fashion that is out of the ordinary? These accessories will make you stand out for sure. Wearing a slab of bacon on your head, cupcakes as earrings, a hamburger as a charm or some slices of pizza around your neck will turn some heads and raise a few eyebrows. If you like this new adorable trend, you'll want to have all eight of these tasty picks.

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