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The Native Americans are convinced the night air brings with it either a good dream or a bad dream. The dream catcher swaying softly in the breeze catches the dreams as they drift by DIY projects, and extends them to you. The good dreams are always able to find their way past the holes and land softly into the mind of someone sleeping below it while the horrible dreams become filtered and disappear into the night air. A traditional dream catcher makes use of willow bark, grapevine or sinew. These items could be quite tough to find, but numerous contemporary alternatives are obtainable and is decorated using things that are present in everyday life. In all its simplicity, it is much like a dream filter, shielding you from those unpleasant dreams that trouble you at night.

In this article, I will teach you step by step method on how to make a dream catcher yourself. The materials needed to make a dream catcher yourself include Willow hoop or dried Grapevine, String, Beads, Gemstones, Feather and Suede Lace or ribbon.

Step 1: Loop the Hoop If you want to make use of a dry willow or grapevine, I recommend putting it into a bowl of warm water for fifteen minutes. This will prevent the vine from breaking while making the dream catcher. As soon as it gets more flexible, twist the vine to make a circular frame. Twist the ends jointly, to make sure it does not open up. Put a weight/book on the loop to ensure it dries out flat.

Step 2: Wrap it up Immediately the hoop dries, cover the whole hoop with suede lace. To wrap the hoop, you can use a ribbon of any color you desire. Make use of glue to be sure the covering is in place. Ensure that suede does not overlap, but sets adjacent to the previous loop. After getting the whole hoop covered, make a hanging loop and cut the excess lace/ribbon.

Step 3: Making the Foundation for the Web Start by tying a knot at the bottom of the hanging loop which you finished. Then progress in a clockwise way to create a loop. Tie a loop knot and space out the knots at equal length from each other. You should normally get 8 knots at first. This will be the base for the second round of web that you have to create.

Step 4: Weaving and Decorating the Web

As soon as you have the basic shape of the web in your hand, start weaving the second layer. Make sure that the knots of the second layer are at the precise center of the earlier knots. This simply implies that you have to weave in such a way that you tie a knot at each midpoint of the previous loop. Discontinue weaving the web once you have a tiny circle in between. Fasten the string to the web in the final stitch, pull firmly and cut off the residual string.

Step 5: Add the Hanging Feather

Lastly, attach a feather to the hoop. The feather must be precisely opposite the hanging loop. Fasten it in place with string or ribbon and cut off the excess ribbon. Your dream catcher is ready to be hung by your window near your bed.

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