The CraftStylish Caption Contest: Knitwear Comes Back to Haunt Us

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Write a caption for this photo and you could win a years subscription to Threads magazine!

Write a caption for this photo and you could win a year's subscription to Threads magazine!

Photo: Threads Photo Archives

As Halloween gives over to the Day of the Dead, so comes the official end of the CraftStylish Caption Contest. Thanks to all of you for your witty, knitty captions. Stay tuned while we take our pick from the list and make someone a Threads magazine subscriber!

Look at the skeleton we found in our closet! We wish we could say that this photo was taken for a Halloween issue of Threads magazine--but no, this project ran in the February 1992 issue and was intended to inspire knitters to make winter ski-masks! Sixteen years later it looks like a DIY freak-show and it is our number one choice in the 'what were we thinking?' category. In hindsight, we don't know what is more frightening, the project itself or the fact that it made it to print?

In the article the author wrote:

If you feel somewhat taken aback upon initial confrontation with these masks, give them a chance. Just wait until you knit one and crawl inside; you will feel positively transformed.

Well, that's an understatement.

At the end of the day this projects reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. After all today's great idea might seem insane sixteen years from now.

Here's the contest part:

The CraftStylish Caption Contest

  • Post a caption below for this photo by 11:59pm October 31st.
  • We'll pick the one that we think best captures all that this picture encompasses.
  • The writer of the winning caption will receive a year's subscription to Threads magazine.

Happy Halloween!


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Comments (153)

irishwings writes: "Do you think mom will recognize which one of us took the pie?"
Posted: 7:58 am on October 1st
bestCaption writes: And the south celebrates! (in reference to the election)
Posted: 11:13 am on November 5th
SistaSue writes: “These napkin-masks are a great idea for those messy pie throwing contests....”
Posted: 2:19 pm on November 1st
Lorelei7 writes: Sometimes you've just gotta let your skeins go scary and have a little fun!
Posted: 1:58 am on November 1st
lynne153 writes: "FRIGHTFUL FAMILY SKI MASKS" is my entry.
Posted: 8:58 pm on October 31st
Critters writes: "Really, Herman, a BOW tie for the family portrait? You know they make you look like a geek!"
Posted: 2:51 pm on October 31st
licensetocut writes: "She finally figured out a way to keep them from burning their faces while smelling the delicious, freshly-baked pie. She only forgot about the fingers..."
Posted: 10:54 am on October 31st
Lorelei7 writes: Warm. Enjoy pie & worsted your way.
Posted: 3:09 am on October 31st
happipeanut writes: "The Ski-hoods Family Portrait"
Posted: 1:19 pm on October 29th
Jen1964 writes: So I see you've met the rest of my family.
Posted: 9:21 am on October 29th
Jen1964 writes: This reminds me of the little fellow who got unusual knitted gifts from his aunt, I believe it was the movie a Christmas Story... and one year it was a pink bunny P.J. suit, because for some reason she always thought he was a little girl. There are magazines that recommend you take a photo of you wearing "it," and send it with the thank you note... then donate the item quietly. It never hurts to be compassionate. Still I wonder what mom-in-law did with the sweater I knitted her, years ago, since I've never seen her wear it, and my daughter might fit it now, and loves those colors.
Posted: 9:19 am on October 29th
Lorelei7 writes: Is it "Warm head-cold heart" or "Warm heart-cold head"? I can never remember.
Posted: 3:15 am on October 29th
Jen_W writes: We bought all of our Christmas gifts--including these ski masks--instead of making a single one. We're not fit to show our faces.
Posted: 10:15 pm on October 28th
SewistStLouis writes: The winners of the "Make it with Yarn" pie contest are (clockwise from left) Slip, Purl, Bobble, and Skip Knitman.
Posted: 4:32 pm on October 28th
Woolie writes: "American Got Itch"
Posted: 1:00 pm on October 28th
fashionista29 writes: Can we rob the bank next time instead of the bakery?
Posted: 11:03 am on October 28th
Sew_n_sew writes: Not the kind of close-knit neighbors you need next door!
Posted: 12:34 am on October 28th
greenangel writes: Chill Chasers
Posted: 7:57 pm on October 27th
Lorelei7 writes: Facelift alternative!
Posted: 7:40 pm on October 27th
Lorelei7 writes: Knitting is not just for normal people anymore!
Posted: 7:25 pm on October 27th
mamatrout writes: "Ahhh Mom, Billy is the only one with the zit, why do we all have to wear these masks for the Christmas picture?"
Posted: 6:09 pm on October 27th
margknittinaround writes: The Knitty McWicked Family, of Knitalong, PA wins pie contest!!!
Posted: 5:17 pm on October 27th
fatewineroses writes: A local vampire family out for an afternoon photo shoot.
Posted: 11:29 am on October 27th
fatewineroses writes: The newest in mummy fashion for all family members is shown above.
Posted: 11:28 am on October 27th
AlwaysKnitting writes: After viewing the photos from this summer's trip to her sister's, Jane finally realized the extent of her obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Posted: 10:22 am on October 27th
lauraflora writes: Everyone is being wickedly funny - but, did anyone ever think if the original author of the article (and yes, I remember it too, have it in my stash of mags,) saw that she was being made fun of? That Threads picked her article out as a "What were we thinking of when we printed this article?" Would she take it in fun, or cancel her subscription? Would she feel insulted?

Yes, when I first saw this years ago, I too thought it was odd, and maybe she has realized that herself, in hindsight. But, I think, this whole idea of Threads choosing "What were we thinking?" articles is a rather risky endeavor that is sure to offend several of their contributors.

Sorry to spoil anyone's fun, but I think they should rethink what they are doing.
Posted: 10:07 am on October 27th
AlwaysKnitting writes: Would you like a piece of our "special mushroom" pie?
Posted: 9:16 am on October 27th
AlwaysKnitting writes: Henry and Betsy are beginning to doubt their decision to send their children to private school. It's turning them into little monsters.
Posted: 9:15 am on October 27th
funmom writes: The only thing better than apple pie. Homemade knit ski masks, the gift that keeps on giving.
Posted: 11:07 pm on October 26th
Critters writes: Legendary family of masked professional wrestlers relax at home.
Posted: 10:41 pm on October 26th
bkristl writes: Merino and Gabby Melton, shown here with their two children Al and Mo, don't mind sharing their names along with their newest invention – identity disguising knit faces. "I just feel so bad for all those poor people being hunted by the mafia and all," said Merino. "I wanted to find a way they could comfortably and safely live wherever they wanted to." Gabby added, "and the best thing is that if they get tired of one look it's simple as pie to have a new one!" Pressed for comment, Mo, modeling the gray Emergency Knit, told us that his favorite thing was being able to enjoy Mom's homemade apple pie without a napkin!
Posted: 8:44 pm on October 26th
trickiwoo writes: At last! Facewear that would make Hannibal Lector jealous!!
Posted: 4:28 pm on October 26th
akcabinfever writes: Day of the living thread
Posted: 3:22 pm on October 26th
coffee_snob writes: The Munsters' Halloween portrait
Posted: 2:53 pm on October 26th
grahammy writes: Family poses with mom"s championship pie on a "BAD HAIR DAY'.
Posted: 2:17 pm on October 26th
grahammy writes: Close-knit Family Mug Shot----Crime Stealing Pie
Posted: 2:10 pm on October 26th
0ne_Nita writes: Meet the cast of the new series "The Knitheads". This family is from the YarnGalaxy. Their attempt to take over the nation starts in their new neighbor"hood" where they try to "hood"wink everyone with the all-american favorite, Apple Pie. As you can see in the photo, the youngest Knithead is zapping the pie with invisible "fibers". These "fibers" cause anyone eating a piece of pie to rush to the local yarn store (owned by the Knitheads) for knitting needles and yarn to make their own unique head"hood".
Posted: 12:43 pm on October 26th
Luvtostitch writes: Caption
"Hi, We're your new neighbours!"

Great idea!
Posted: 10:50 am on October 26th
doglove writes: Next time, Ma, knit bigger mouth holes!
Posted: 10:07 am on October 26th
tennis2 writes: I see mom has been dipping into the halloween candy early this year
Posted: 9:33 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: Mom says: "Oh dear, I can't believe I forgot the knitted pie cover.....I feel so exposed!!!!!"
Posted: 9:30 am on October 26th
SarazWork writes: Look, honey, aren't they just cute as a button? The one in white has a hat just like his daddy...
Posted: 9:16 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: Has anyone seen Fluffy?


I knew I should have knitted bigger eye holes for him!
Posted: 9:14 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: Mom says to kids: Stop making faces at the camera you two!

Dad says: Keep doing it, and your faces will stay that me and your mother we know from experience!!
Posted: 9:09 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: ......When knitting goes bad...REAL BAD!!!!
Posted: 9:06 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: What?!!!!!
Posted: 9:04 am on October 26th
knitwitty writes: Son says: Mommy, why are all these ppl staring at us?
Mom says: Don't worry son, they must be a bunch of
Posted: 9:03 am on October 26th
abl0nd2nd writes: Aren't you just curious? Even just a knittle bit?
Posted: 8:09 am on October 26th
Critters writes: What're YOU lookin'at?
Posted: 1:42 am on October 26th
suba writes: We are the KnitHeads. We are from France.
Posted: 12:24 am on October 26th
Lorelei7 writes: Knitting No-No's!
Posted: 12:17 am on October 26th
Lorelei7 writes: Alumni of the 1992 graduating class of Bankrobber University
Posted: 11:50 pm on October 25th
KLSka writes: Now THIS is a close knit family.
Posted: 11:44 pm on October 25th
kbanger writes: This is what happens when you have bedhead and pizza faces from eating too much pie.
Posted: 11:30 pm on October 25th
Moonhonu writes: Dear Editor.... i have to smile every time i see your name on the pages here as my husband is Michael Murphy, smile!
Posted: 9:46 pm on October 25th
Moonhonu writes: The true family behind CraftStylish!
Posted: 9:45 pm on October 25th
Moonhonu writes: Knitwits family values!
Posted: 9:45 pm on October 25th
EstherP writes: Mom, mom, mom! I *LOVE* my new gray ski mask, especially
the anatomically correct ears! How did you do
that, any way? But what in the world is the red dangling thing from my left ear? I think Dad gets tempted to yank on
it if I don't keep my shoulders really straight. Can we take that Yank Tempter off the left ear, please?

Posted: 9:36 pm on October 25th
EstherP writes: Once upon a time, Lensley Camera met Charles "Jaws" Breaker.
They fell in love and wed. Mr. and Mrs. Camera-Breaker have two delightful children.
Posted: 9:33 pm on October 25th
EstherP writes: No, mom. I swear. I'm *NOT* giving the pie a 'thumbs down'.

Posted: 9:23 pm on October 25th
EstherP writes: Hand over the ice cream and no one gets hurt.
Posted: 9:21 pm on October 25th
EstherP writes: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. A too-small Aran with moth holes becomes a ski mask.
Posted: 9:20 pm on October 25th
BettySewsAlot writes: The Family That Knits Together Stays TOGETHER
Posted: 8:39 pm on October 25th
FallingStar writes: The Knitastic Four!
Posted: 8:26 pm on October 25th
ALantain writes: Sure, you laugh now, but Halloween in Canada can get awfully nippy!
Posted: 6:57 pm on October 25th

Posted: 5:23 pm on October 25th
CreativeWhimsy writes: Hey Mom, this IS better than the paper bags you made us wear last year!
Posted: 5:22 pm on October 25th
jpd writes: All TricKnitted Out for The Slippery Slopes
Posted: 4:31 pm on October 25th
fozie writes: "Oh, I HATE it when Mom decides it's time to clean out her stash!"
Posted: 4:20 pm on October 25th
irishwings writes: "The Brandy Bunch has nothing over this close knit family!"
Posted: 4:00 pm on October 25th
hclehnig writes: Don't be afraid, you won't get hurt, just give us your pie!
Posted: 3:53 pm on October 25th
sewgirl56 writes: The secret's in the recipe.
Posted: 3:18 pm on October 25th
TXBunny writes: In our next issue, "How to Protect You and Your Family from Identity Theft".............
Posted: 3:10 pm on October 25th
BarbaraPenn writes: "Don't get your yarn in a twist! We're just here for the pie.
Posted: 2:58 pm on October 25th
funmom writes: Nothing warms the heart more on a cold day better than hot apple pie and a homemade ski mask.
Posted: 2:31 pm on October 25th
funmom writes: And you thought your family was strange!
Posted: 2:23 pm on October 25th
craftasaurus writes: After the six thousandth apple pie, Mom finally made good on her threat to knit those expressions right off our faces
Posted: 1:58 pm on October 25th
SueinNE writes: They say it's not contagious,. so we brought you this pie!
Posted: 1:31 pm on October 25th
SueinNE writes: Just a bunch of Knitwits!
Posted: 1:30 pm on October 25th
ChristinaP writes:
In a twisted effort to conceal thier identity, the Jones family is accused of stealing the Three Little Kitten's lost mittens and Mother Cat's apple pie in a pathetic effort to win the pie baking contest at the local Fall Festival.
Posted: 1:17 pm on October 25th
SewQueen1 writes: Hell Demons escape,Be wear.
Posted: 12:39 pm on October 25th
AdeleImelda writes: American Gothknit
Posted: 12:32 pm on October 25th
Mortira writes: "The Slasher family was very closely-knit..."


"The family that slays together, stays together"

PS: I think the creepiest thing about this photo is the boy with his finger in the pie, as if to say "We're coming for your pastries!"
Posted: 12:02 pm on October 25th
SewinUpAStorm writes: Do I want a recipe for what kind of pie?
Posted: 11:54 am on October 25th
rosemaryschild writes: "Sock It To Me"
Posted: 11:45 am on October 25th
EllACee writes: Fun Family Favorites: Spooktacular craft ideas for creepy creations from booberry pie to wool of bats
Posted: 11:36 am on October 25th
jamye writes: Help! We're supposed to be baking, and we just can't stop knitting.
Posted: 11:33 am on October 25th
jamye writes: Four and twenty black bats baked in a pie
Posted: 11:29 am on October 25th
jamye writes: Face the fear of failure to stop knitting
Posted: 11:18 am on October 25th
jamye writes: Pie diet works--just wear mask while eating
Posted: 11:17 am on October 25th
jamye writes: Bake YES Knit NOT
Posted: 11:15 am on October 25th
lizbeth4973 writes: The Smiths are back from the circus and they brought us a pie!
Posted: 11:09 am on October 25th
lisha writes: Put on your killer ski mask I made! It's freakishly cold outside!
Posted: 10:52 am on October 25th
Boca_Jan writes: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the family of Joe Knitonepearltwo.
Posted: 10:50 am on October 25th
Boca_Jan writes: Smile
Posted: 10:48 am on October 25th
Boca_Jan writes: Maybe when the economy improves we can get real plastic surgery.
Posted: 10:47 am on October 25th
Amyjoscreations writes: Knit 1, Purl 2,
These mask are coming for you.
Knit 3, Purl 4,
Pick the Pie up off the floor.
Knit 5, Purl 6,
This is how we get our kicks.
Knit 7, Purl 8,
We Like to sleep in late.
Knit 9, Purl 10,
We're here to SPOOK you again.
Posted: 10:39 am on October 25th
ManKnit writes: As American as apple pie and wool-clad domestic terrorists
Posted: 10:29 am on October 25th
foxyuriza writes: Once again, the Knitwits pose for their annual Christmas card
which includes from left to right; Pointdexter,Zeborah,Derby and little Ronnie, affectionatly touted as,Mopsy!
Posted: 10:28 am on October 25th
Alexandra writes: "Yes Johnny, Mrs. Clikkit is baked into the pie."
Posted: 10:28 am on October 25th
CatherineCornelia writes: Delivered fresh to your door from the Alien Bakery, homemade apple pie!
Posted: 10:09 am on October 25th
pokiept3 writes: sky mask much
Posted: 10:08 am on October 25th
fisheye3 writes: "Just because my casserole made everyone sick at the last Neighborhood Potluck doesn't mean we can't hold our heads high and bring them this lovely pie!"
Posted: 10:02 am on October 25th
MyCrochetCellar writes: Mom got us addicted to her apple pie, so it's all her fault that we are all just a bunch of apple-pie loving knitwits!
Posted: 9:50 am on October 25th
MrsCostew writes: Identity theft takes a turn for the worsted
Posted: 9:46 am on October 25th
MrsCostew writes: Identity theft takes a turn for the worsted
Posted: 9:41 am on October 25th
mibren writes: Beware! Don't let these imposters pull the wool over your eyes..........
Posted: 9:38 am on October 25th
DIMAC writes: Meet the Skimask family. They are the winners of the "2008 Most Closely Knit Family in America". They are (from left to right) Zebranna, Mimeman, Coneheadra and Greyson.
Posted: 9:05 am on October 25th
XtinaS writes: No sudden moves...we have a pie. Hand over the candy and no one gets hurt.
Posted: 8:54 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: If I put my finger in it, the kid with the dairy dip head won't want any
Posted: 8:39 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: Ignore him dear, I put a mouse trap in the pie...happy halloween ! heh heh heh
Posted: 8:38 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: MOM ! He's touching it again !
Posted: 8:36 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: Baseball, bad ski masks and mom's apple pie...
Posted: 8:33 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: i told you it was hot - now smile for the camera !
Posted: 8:31 am on October 25th
chickapee1 writes: Close knit creeps
Posted: 8:29 am on October 25th
Kath in ON writes: Welcome to the neighbourhood. We don't take too kindly to newcomers...
Posted: 8:27 am on October 25th
Jaxgirl writes: Thanks, Grandma, we just LOVE our gifts.
Posted: 8:24 am on October 25th
DIYMaven writes: Casting agent to her assitant: "I said, 'Family Affair', not "Family of Fear!"
Posted: 8:21 am on October 25th
pixiecakes writes: ...and with the yarn left over from knitting these attractive (and very practical) face warmers I'm going to make a pie cozy! I will knit strips and weave them into a lattice, and then I'll...
Posted: 8:20 am on October 25th
EstherP writes: Aunt Esther, we love you dearly. We thank you for knitting such fantastic creations so lovingly for us. But... since these were supposed to be sweaters, we think you need to take at least one more knitting class. We're pitching in our allowances the whole month of November to pay for it. Love from the kids.
Posted: 7:57 am on October 25th
MnKidAtHeart writes: Agnes, did you have to wear the stripes? Couldn't you have worn your "good" mask for the family photo?
Posted: 7:39 am on October 25th
knitwitty writes: You should see how our house is decorated!!!!!
Posted: 7:39 am on October 25th
MnKidAtHeart writes: On three, everyone smile for the camera! one, two, everyone smiling?
Posted: 7:35 am on October 25th
nadine6977 writes: This is why you should never mix knitting and baking kids.
Posted: 4:35 am on October 25th
nadine6977 writes: Knitting, not one of mom's better talents...but her apple pie is to die for.
Posted: 4:30 am on October 25th
5onCover writes: From the child wearing the white "ski mask": "Just because my mom CAN knit something, doesn't mean she SHOULD!"

I have this issue of Threads and was just looking at it the other day. It kind of scared me too when I was flipping through the book! (:
Posted: 3:45 am on October 25th
5onCover writes: No thanks, I'll pass on the pie for dessert.
Posted: 3:43 am on October 25th
Lil_Bit writes: The Munsters dress up for Halloween (hoping to go incognito...........)
Posted: 3:04 am on October 25th
Critters writes: *Newsflash* Feds Confirm: Munsters Now in Charge of Witness Protection Program
Posted: 2:49 am on October 25th
Lorelei7 writes: See the new blockbuster movie: "Knitmare on Elmstreet"'ll haunt your dreams!
Posted: 2:28 am on October 25th
antrish writes: just one bite of mom's special pie.........
Posted: 1:37 am on October 25th
pioneer588 writes: Moments after the Pie-Anon meeting...
Posted: 5:05 pm on October 24th
IThrowCats writes: Michael, Paris, Prince "Blanket" Jaskson, and an unidentified friend at the Neverland Ranch on Wednesday.
Posted: 12:30 pm on October 24th
pioneer588 writes: DIY Budget Witness Protection Program
Posted: 11:07 am on October 24th
Fromaggista writes: Famliy of Four Missing!
The Johnson Family of Anywhere has been missing for 3 months. Though the Anywhere Police Department is not releasing many details, it has been announced that the family was initally reported to have been brutally attacked in their home.
Only later did we learn that the "faces" located throughout the Johnson's Home were just ski masks that Mom Johnson had knitted for the family.
The Anywhere Police Department asks that you contact them immediately with any information to their whereabouts, and have released the most recent photo of the Johnson Family.
Posted: 10:47 am on October 24th
cykel609 writes: Mommy,why didn't anyone want a piece of our special halloween pie?
Posted: 7:51 am on October 24th
MrXStitch writes: Michael Jackson's latest family portrait went for the "homemade apple pie" theme for 2008/9.
Posted: 4:42 am on October 24th
The_Kids_Are_Alight writes: If only the neighbors could see what was UNDER their marks, then they'd really be worried!
Posted: 4:27 am on October 24th
Handycam writes: The pie was worth the time in the burn unit.
Posted: 9:56 pm on October 23rd
CookiesMommy writes: In an attempt to "go green," Community Hospital has replaced our plastic surgeon with a wool surgeon.
Posted: 9:55 pm on October 23rd
Handycam writes: Nothing perked up the Barrow gang like Ma Barker's apple pie.
Posted: 9:49 pm on October 23rd
lorchick writes: hey, maybe when granny chic goes out of style, creepy-chic will be in... lol.
Posted: 9:46 pm on October 23rd
lorchick writes: Although normally quite proud of mom's DIY skills, this year the kids were kind of glad thier faces remained unseen in the christmas holiday photo...
Posted: 9:45 pm on October 23rd
Handycam writes: Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven
Posted: 9:15 pm on October 23rd
myyellowhouse writes: We're looking for Kirk!
Posted: 7:10 pm on October 23rd
Jen1964 writes: Ma Barker's family Christmas photo?
(No one will ever know.)
I needed a good laugh! Not that it didn't take talent- and I understand the need for warmth, being from the midwest, where the snow often covered our driveway hip deep, and the wind howled in sub-zero frost as we tried to get to bus stops half a mile down the road. I understand the "why" -sort of. I just don't understand what it's got to do with apple pie! or that apron? Maybe there's a reason ski masks took the form they did. So to make this one right, what WOULD you do, to make ski masks? Animals? Wizard of Oz? Even a lacey knit would have been warmer than nothing. Something about cables or ribbing up the face make it look like somebody's old rag doll - in ghostly, giant size.

Posted: 4:47 pm on October 23rd
ChrisCasey writes: "Hand over ALL the pies and nobody gets hurt!"
Posted: 4:20 pm on October 23rd
AmericanCurl writes: The Aliens next door really took to American cuisine...they loved apple pie so much they included it in their Christmas photo.
Posted: 3:46 pm on October 23rd
247kath writes: Mom, it's not cooked - it bit me.
Posted: 3:43 pm on October 23rd
NeedleAddict writes: And THIS is why they don't allow knitting needles on airplanes
Posted: 2:44 pm on October 23rd
SharonAnderson writes: "Get your finger out of my apple pie Junior! Why can't you be more like your brother...he's founding a little after school club called the KKK."
Posted: 2:33 pm on October 23rd
DingusMcPhee writes: The one thing that could always bring the Klan, Al Qaeda, The IRA and The Shining Path together was Mom's apple pie.
Posted: 2:31 pm on October 23rd
DingusMcPhee writes: Martha Stewart Learned To Enjoy The Witness Relocation Program
Posted: 2:22 pm on October 23rd
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