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Shannon_Dennis Shannon Dennis, contributor
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Here is a picture of me, the new Mrs.and my husband, Jeff, the new Mr.
Meet my family. I love animals, can’t you tell? Here is my sweetie, Annabelle.
This is a picture of “Wee Little” aka Elliott playing peek-a-boo.
In my house, even the animals are hip to crafting. Here is the knitting cat, Clyde.
Here is beautiful green-eyed Pedro, who is always “winking” at the camera.
I know its finally spring here in Ohio because a beautiful crocus is blooming right in the middle of my backyard!
Here is a picture of me, the new Mrs.and my husband, Jeff, the new Mr.

Here is a picture of me, the new "Mrs."and my husband, Jeff, the new "Mr."

Photo: Shannon Dennis

Hey there, crafting peeps! My name is Shannon Dennis. I was married in September 2007, and I am loving every minute of married life. My husband Jeff (the crazy handsome man next to me in the wedding picture) and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. We have already created Noah’s Ark with two dogs and two cats.

So, with the six of us in one house right now, we are also in the process of looking for a new home! The animals are super-excited about getting some yard space, and we can’t wait to have some more room for ourselves (and some little Dennis’s later on.) So if you know anyone looking for a beautiful home in the Cleveland area …

With all the recent changes (marriage, new jobs, possible upcoming move, etc.), Jeff and I have been working on cleaning things. This led me to my Favorites box on my laptop. Have you ever taken a glance at the "Favorites" file of your Internet Explorer? I’m sometimes amazed by what I have to keep tabs on. You can almost track your life by your Favorites. I just deleted all my wedding favorites the other day. That deletion made me a little sad, but a quick glance at my “Houses” folder made me smile again, and soon I was lost in dreaming as I looked at all those beautiful houses!

I turned to my “Sewing” folder—my insta-book of inspiration. Here's what I found in there:

A cute skirt I liked the ruffle on, a beautiful blue shade for bathroom curtains, links to blogs of friends I’ve never met, and my favorite link right now.

There is nothing, NOTHING more exciting than thinking about spring when you’ve just been through an Ohio winter! I am so excited about spring fashion and spring colors!

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Comments (6)

wildlifewoman52 writes:
Posted: 10:29 am on August 1st
Shannon_Dennis writes: You're so right! Finding that perfect machine can seem super overwhelming. My first suggestion is that you figure out what you want to spend. Second, find some local sewing machine retailers in your area (Bernina, Janome, Singer, Viking, Pfaff are some). Last, but not least, go try them all! Every machine will have different stitches, amazing functions, different sounds and feelings for you....now that I've just written this I think I will post on this. There is so much more detail that I want to share with you and others may have that same issue! Stay tuned. I'll post it the next day or two.
Posted: 10:27 am on July 28th
halfaperfectpair writes: I didn't see a post on this, so if you already wrote one, please forgive me! I'm very new to sewing and am considering saving up to buy my own machine (currently using my mom's), but I have no idea where to start in the research/purchase process! It looks like there are a million options on every machine...GAH! Do you have any recommendations on where to start, what to look for, how to decide, or even if you recommend a particular brand or type of machine? Any direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
Posted: 1:32 pm on July 22nd
Isabellas_Quilts writes: Hello Miss Shannon...Congradulations of your new married life. Looking forward to your Insight,tips and any Ideas you have stashed away and would like to share.
I'm always looking for tips on making things.
Posted: 12:01 am on May 7th
ShiningStar writes: I don't know how to sew but it's on my list of things to learn. I've found that learning is a life long process. That skirt is so cute. Maybe one day I could make something similar.
Posted: 3:54 pm on May 6th
qdpatooties writes: Hi Shannon,
Nice to meet you and your family. My hubby is from Ohio so he would understand the whole "Ohio winter" thing. He graduated from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland.

Looking forward to more inspirational crafty goodness from your sewing Blog.

Posted: 12:41 pm on April 29th
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