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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Keep an eye out for crochet blogger Robyn Chachula of Crochet by Faye. This busy lady is happy with a hook in her hand—even during downtimes.
This comfy cardigan from Crochet by Faye is a great example of Robyn Chachula’s snuggly and super-stylish work.
Robin Chachula’s book, Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the
Visual Crocheter is a terrific resource for crochet design, how-tos,
and inspiration for fabulous garments.
Here is a picture of my current favorite Robyn Chachula design—the crossover top.
Keep an eye out for crochet blogger Robyn Chachula of Crochet by Faye. This busy lady is happy with a hook in her hand—even during downtimes.

Keep an eye out for crochet blogger Robyn Chachula of Crochet by Faye. This busy lady is happy with a hook in her hand—even during downtimes.

Photo: LInda Permann

For my first crochet interviewee, I chose Robyn Chachula of Crochet By Faye. Robyn has been crocheting for about six years, but her design technique is very unique. She’s a structural engineer by day, and she uses AutoCad in her design process. Says Robyn: “ I use the drawing software to map out my design before I crochet or write it. The software allows me to simulate any increases or decreases I want to make, by moving around the crochet stitch symbols. I then take that and write up the direction; then, I finally crochet it. If I see I want to do something different while I am crocheting, it is much easier for me to go back and edit my first take since I don’t have to hunt through the written directions…. It’s not too different from modeling a building. In structural design, we lay out every detail down to the bolts, then write the specifications, and build the building. Whenever there is an issue in the field, we can use our plans to re-immerse ourselves in the details.”

In fact, Robyn has written a new book called Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter, which contains instructions that are all in stitch diagram form. The book, due out September 1, 2008, will be full of wearable contemporary designs that include everything from earrings and accessories to sweaters and boleros.

As far as her stash goes, Robyn tells a likely story. It is “too big. It never really seems to get smaller, yet I have been trying. Right now, it fills half of our guest room. So that’s at least one entire wall of shelves that are probably 7 feet high—sad really. Every year, I try to donate huge bins of it—and I swear, it multiplies—because I have yet to see it get smaller.” You can bet it’s chock full of superwash wool, one of her favorite fibers.

Check out Robyn’s Web site to see some of her designs (see the image of the awesome crossover top) and catch up on her blog to see what’s next. When asked about her favorite (if you can call it that) "craft-astrophe," she replied:

"One of my favorite mishaps was when I tried on a project my cousin helped me crochet, and the pockets ended up at the shoulders instead of the waist. That was a major design 'oops.' But I didn’t let it lick me, and I cut a new pocket at the waist and closed up the one at the shoulder. When I was done, I thought others may find it interesting so I created a tutorial on how to move holes in crochet. I find that I make mistakes all the time, and if I put on my thinking cap, there is always a way to solve them."

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ramguild writes: Taunton Press has a crochet book out "Get Your Crochet On".The pattern on page 118 "Superfly" hat I think has an error in it. (Rnds 9-14 states repeat Rnd. 2 which is 2 hdc in ea st around, but if you did that there would be hundreds of stitches by Rnd. 15 instead of 68 Sts.) The last rnd.16 should only have 75 sts. What is the correct pattern?
Posted: 1:36 pm on April 21st
caclar1 writes: Has anyone tried to crochet a sweater called the Flirty Vintage Cocoon out of American School of Needlework pattern book called Romantic Fashions?
I am trying to make this for a wedding and discovered that the diminsions listed in the pattern are incorrect along with the stitch counts in the pattern. Just wondering if anyone else ran into this.

Posted: 12:57 pm on March 8th
ShiningStar writes: Crochet By Faye website is full of inspiration. The designs I've seen from Blueprint Crochet look great. My only concern is will the size range of the pattrns work for me.
Posted: 6:41 pm on May 10th
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