Twenty-Minute Table Runner

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GorgeousThings Ann Steeves, contributor
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This completed runner was quick to make and makes a great last-minute gift.
Press a double-folded 1/2-inch hem on the sides of the runner.
Topstitch the hems, using decorative thread and, if you like, decorative stitches as well.
This completed runner was quick to make and makes a great last-minute gift.

This completed runner was quick to make and makes a great last-minute gift.

Photo: Ann Steeves

Have you ever had to come up with a gift on very short notice? It might be one of those situations in which you're working and the phone rings:

"Hi honey. I forgot to tell you that there's a get together at so-and-so's house tonight. Meet me there at 7:30, would you?"

Panic sets in. You know the rule. Never show up to a party without a hostess gift. But what to bring on such short notice? Wine is nice-but cliché and difficult to purchase for someone else. Flowers? Boring. How about a decorative item for the home? Bingo! Here's a gift that is as lovely to look at as it is simple to make. These instructions are for a runner whose finished dimensions are 9 inches by 60 inches (without trim), but you can easily make it for a surface of any size by varying the dimensions of your rectangle. All you need is fabric in a festive color or pattern, trim, and thread.

How To...
First, cut a rectangle 10 inches wide by 61 inches long. I made mine from silk shantung, but you can use any firmly woven fabric such as silk, cotton, or home-dec fabric. Make a 1/2-nch narrow hem on each long side of the rectangle, as shown:

Make a double-folded 1/2-inch-wide hem on each long side of the runner.

Topstitch along the edge. In this case, I used metallic gold thread in the needle, and thread to match my fabric in the bobbin.

Topstitch the hem in place; I used metallic thread for extra zing.

On the short edges of your rectangle, fold under a scant ¼ inch. On the right side, baste fringe or trim to the edge with the ribbon flange even with the folded edge, as shown:

Baste fringe or trim to the ends of the runner.

Fold under another 1/4 inch and press, so your trim looks like this:

Fold your trim under and press to finish.

Topstitch close to the edge; be careful to keep your fringe free. Trim all loose threads, press, and-ta-da!-a lovely hostess gift that takes longer to explain how to make than it does to actually make it!

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MarcioWilges writes: In all my years as a removalist in Sydney, I've found that it's the table top runners that gather the most dust. Removals of yearsa of grime and dirt is really difficult when you don't do regular cleaning of the things out in the open. You might not think that runners get dirty but oh boy, do they ever trap dust!
Posted: 11:33 pm on August 12th
JessicaHard writes: Such a good idea 10x :)
Posted: 10:05 am on August 12th
Danas_Dalliances writes: great idea and wonderful finished article, but I' a little bit fuzzy still on how to add the trim. And if I might add a suggestion, why wait till the last minute? You could take an afternoon, make several of these and just have them on hand for any last minute gift giving occasion.
Posted: 6:11 pm on August 9th
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