5 Budget Friendly Home Décor Ideas For Your Room

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Doesn't your mood instantly light up once you decorate your entire room? Bed made, Polaroid pictures of your loved ones beaming back at you, the aroma of your favorite scented candle warming you up. Well, this happens when you take out the time and effort to add a personal touch to your bedroom. It is very important too, because who doesn't want to return from a long, tiring day to a welcoming bed room? Now some might say a room décor can be very expensive but that is not the case. So here are 5 reasonable room décor ideas that you definitely need to try. 

1. Fairy lights

Having fairy lights in your room instantly adds that warmth and coziness to it. There are so many ways you could hang them- around your mirror, over your bed frame, wrapped around your curtain rod. Plus, it makes your room look so Tumblr.

2. Scented candles

Not only will they make your room smell heavenly but they will also act as a part of room décor. Won't these scented candles look great by your bed? Go choose yours right now!

3. Polaroid Pictures

Again a Tumblr room décor idea but it is definitely worth it. You could hang Polaroid pictures of your loved ones and just looking at them will make you happy and at the same time they would look great in your room. 

4. Throw Pillows

Your bed would look welcoming and cozy if you have nice mattress of your choice or fluffy pillows on them. There are a variety of quirky throw pillows available in the market to choose from. If you need to get your kids mattress you can pick up quirky prints, faux fur or sequins or just simple colors, you choose your pick.


Stickers of quotes or posters of them are easily available. It would look great on a blank wall. You could choose one that inspires you or is funny, either way it would make for a great room décor idea. 

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