5 craft ideas for your kids

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Getting crafty with your kids is a great way to help them learn and grow. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it will help them develop skills such as creativity, hand-eye coordination, and how to work with others. These craft ideas will be a sure hit, and might make some great gifts for family members or to display around the house too!


1. Growing eggs

This is a great way to get started on crafting with just the materials you may have in your own home. When you next eat eggs, save the shell carefully and put it back into the carton. Try to save the bottom half of the shell intact, with the top taken off to leave a hollow opening. Show your kids how to wash out the shell – or if they are old enough, get them to have a go. Next, take a small spade (or even a spoon) and dig up some earth from the garden. Fill the eggshells two-thirds full with the dirt, and then add in some seeds. Have your kids water the eggshells as some new sprouts grow!


2. Papier Mache projects

Who doesn't remember working with papier mache as a kid? This is a fun craft which you can pass down to your own children. One of the most fun things to create with this technique are masks. You can prepare a costume for Halloween together, or just make a fun animal mask which they can run around the house with.


3. Paper flowers

Once your kids are just about au fait with drawing flowers, you can move on to making 3D models. They can colour in plain paper, or just use coloured card. Cut out strips or other shapes and arrange them around a circle, then stick them into place. A long, thin, green stem completes the flower. You can also attach a string to them to hang them up, or stick them onto card to create a piece of art.


4. Paper boats

There's just something magical about creating a paper boat! Go down to a lake or pond with your children – try not to encourage doing this in a river, as your paper craft can cause blockages or poison animals further downstream. Fold the paper carefully into the classic shape, and have your child copy you to make their own version. Then set it on the water and see if it floats! Just remember to fish it out afterwards.


5. Sponge stamps

Younger children might not be able to draw steady shapes yet, so help them out with some sponges. Cut them into shapes – circles or ovals can be petals, you can choose hearts or stars, or you could go for more complex shapes like leaves. Once you have prepared the stamps, pour out some different colours of paint and let them go wild stamping the paper! It's best to lay down newspaper under your paper and paint pots so that any mess stays off the furniture or the floors. You may be surprised at what your children create, and it's a lot of fun to see them stamping all the shapes into different places!


When crafting with your kids, remember to keep everything as clean and tidy as possible by covering surfaces over. There's no knowing when something will get knocked to the floor! Supervise them at all times, but do try to give them a bit of freedom to create as well. Making mistakes is part of learning, and they will understand how to do better when they make them.


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