DIY Styles To Turn Your Old T-shirts Into Amazing Statements

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There are numerous things that lay around unused in our wardrobe and store rooms.

When was the last time you took some time out to find that old white t-shirt in your wardrobe and thought about wearing it? Some stuff has way too much sentimental value to get rid off but you can't leave it in a dusty corner forever.


There's a middle ground where you don't have to lose the t-shirt and it won't stay locked up in your cupboard either! Do It Yourself trends can help you turn your plain old t-shirt into an amazingly stylish product. DIYs not only helps you turn your old clothes into trendy wear but also helps save a few bucks and are great fun. Here 5 ways in which you can give your old t-shirts a cool, new look:


1) Make a beautiful and pretty rug for your kid's room out of old t-shirts! This is so exciting, isn't it? Rugs always increase the look and feel or a place, and to have a rug made out of something as soft and comfy as your old t-shirts, well, it's a dream.


Here's how you can go about it:




The best way to go start with this DIY is to find the appropriate material. If you want a rug of a particular color scheme, you will have to start by finding the t-shirts of those colors. Then you need a good sewing kit; although you can do well with any medium sized needle and the color of thread in accordance with your design. These rugs go best with a rug on rug composition; funky mats and rugs for kid's room decor including characters and objects. You can find the best ones from Myntra at a steal price.

2) Shred your old t-shirt for a more stylish and edgy look.

You can wear this under a denim jacket with ripped jeans and you will be good to go for a nice outing with your friends and family.




Step 1: Find the right t-shirt and fold it along the spine part in the back. Cutting about inch thick snips every inch, going down the shirt gradually making the strips longer.

Step 2: After this straighten out the shirt proper and lightly pulled all the strips so they curl.

Step 3: Start by taking the top slit and putting both fingers in and then go on by pinching the second strip with your fingers and pulling up.

Step 4: Then pulling the loop thru underneath the top loop making the second loop now the top loop. Now taking the third strip and pulling that thru the new top loop.


3) Make a preppy bedsheet for your room.T-shirts are the most comfortable thing ever, are they not? Why not make a bedsheet by combining all of your favorite t-shirts that have either faded out or don't fit you anymore. There's always a way to keep things we love close to us. These bedsheets will look amazing with quilts, Doha's and blankets. They offer a huge variety of options to use from and you will definitely get one in the color and design in accordance with the bed sheet you make.





Step 1: Gather all the worn-out t-shirts you have and assemble them in accordance of the shape of your bedsheets.

Step 2: Cut out the graphics and the back part in squares or rectangles.

Step 3: Stitch them together; overlap if needed.

Step 4: Make it look like a collage made out of t-shirt graphics.


You can bedazzle the DIY bedsheet by using getting a little creative. You can use nail polish to add that very important dash of color into the collage that you just made following the abovementioned steps.


4) Diamond smock your favorite t-shirts. This look can go well with parties, paired with a denim or leather jackets. Jabong has the best picks for it. Find the right products with steal deals here). This will not only give you a statement ensemble but also help you stand out from the crowd. How to go about it:


Step 1: Turn your t-shirt inside out and mark with the fabric pencil rows of 1cm squares, have as many rows as you like.

Step 2: Draw a line going through every other square diagonally from top left to bottom right and then on the next row make sure you go in the other direction from top right to bottom.

Step 3: With your needle and thread, sew the corners of each marked square together, depending on the direction. then do a tight knot.

Step 4: Keep doing this on every row, making sure you're going in the direction of the line through the middle. When all the rows are complete, turn your t-shirt right side out and see the pretty diamond pattern that has been created.




5) Transform your old t-shirt into a new tote bag! You can never have enough of these, they are so trendy and yet so helpful. You can carry them anywhere and still have a stylish essence to your overall look. If you're a hand bag fan like us, you will love this DIY. We also suggest you check out the amazing range of handbags by Jabong at amazing prices here.



Step 1: Cut the sleeves, this will make the straps of the tote bag.

Step 2: Cut the neckline, for a bigger opening of the bag.

Step 3: Cut a fringe at the bottom side and tie them one into another to make one end knotted.


Wasn't this the simplest of all?


DIY is slowly becoming a part of our lives, there's DIY everywhere, and it legit because of the numerous ways it gives us to make new and amazing things ourselves and feel good about it. Nothing more satisfactory than using the products you made yourself, is there? Happy DIYing!

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