Tips to Create a Simple and Serene Home

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Interior designers and design enthusiasts have for long emphasized the minimalist trend in houses. There is a reason why minimalist designs are so popular. They are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. And not only have they looked good, they positively impact our health too. There is a calmer feel to these settings. It feels more like 'home'. 

If you want to create a simple lifestyle, start from your home and focus on what is important in your life. Our choices of objects, designs, and even materials at home can help enhance our everyday experience. 

Here are a few tips on how to make your home simple and relaxing:

Simple means tidy

The simple home looks more tidy and clean. So it is important for us to have a home that is free from unnecessary stuff. This will not only be helpful environmentally but also help us focus more on important things around us. Having less clutter of things around you also means that it will be easier for you to keep your house clean and tidy. A simple home with minimal clutter means a more streamlined look at home. 

Consider everything around you

The more stuff you have at home means less spirit inside you. The number of things constantly around us renders us spiritless. If you are a mother, then this feeling escalates when you are bombarded with a host of things and you have to spare your time for things that you really do not need. The rise of social media has also increased our exposure to the products. 

Not all of the things that surround us make us happier. Our contentment is lost and we are more distracted by every new thing we see. So always consider every single piece that comes to your home. And if you don't love it, don't buy it. We often ignore what is in front of us. Start appreciating pretty flowers at home or a well-designed living room.

Get back to the basics

If you are really into creating a simpler home, then you need to go back to the basics. Focus on what's really important in your life. By following this approach, you will be using values to guide your decorating decisions all over your home. Set the theme of home to sustainability, artistry and handmade. Your bedrooms must be simple. The furniture and beds don't need to be trendy, instead, any best memory foam mattress would be enough to give you a calm sleep. 

The rule here should be to have value and meaning in everything that you have at home. 

Keep it meaningful

One thing that makes any home happier is giving a meaning to it. The power of sentimentality can add something unique to your home. Sometimes, simple objects of value can add context, tone, and connection to space. This feeling and energy cannot be bought with ostentatious objects at home. But then how can we create a sense of style in a home to make it meaningful? This meaning or style comes from an authentic place. This is not created, it can only be evolved. And that's true for both personal or style at home. 

Authentic places are the most stylish ones. They are not replicating someone's look but creating their own through a prism of values. Everything is representing something. This can only be achieved by allowing our values to help guide decision-making process.

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