How To Avoid Injuries When Training Muay Thai

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Muay Thai Sydney is a very popular sport. It can make you stronger, flexible and physically fit. A lot of people train Muay Thai for self-defence. However, injuries do happen during Muay Thai training and here is how you can avoid them.

Sprain wrists

This is a very common injury in Muay Thai. You can treat this injury using heat, ice or you can simply rest to let it recover. To avoid having sprained wrists, wrap your hands properly before throwing punches. Make sure your gloves are secured tightly and make sure your fist is clothed nicely at the point of impact.

Banged up elbows

In case of any elbow injuries, you should minimise your punching and avoid sparring until you get better. You can also use ice, heat and rest to allow your elbows time to recover. To avoid this injury during Muay Thai training, try not to get kicked or punched in the forearm. When punching, make sure your elbows are hyperextended. The people holding the punching pads for you should be instructed properly.

Bruised ribs

This is another serious injury no one wants to get. In case you get your ribs bruised, suck it up and continue training. Be very careful during sparring and ensure your partners know that you have injuries. If it is very serious, take some time off training to allow it to heal. To avoid bruising your ribs, be attentive and avoid being hit.

Bruised Shin

When you join Muay Thai Sydney, you should expect shin conditioning. There are high chances to damage your shins during the training. The shins will become more resilient and harder when they get hit. However, you can avoid unnecessary injuries by conditioning them gradually. Make sure you use shin guards during sparring. You should also practice occasionally without shin guards to make your shins tough.



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