Why Is It Hard to Do Algebra?

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As a child, we were taught that mathematics involves numerical values that discussed four basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Examples can easily be related to tangibles objects like explaining how an apple added by another apple is two apples in total. By the time algebra has been introduced, our concept and the way we see mathematics have changed. We are using basic operations with letters like adding it which we initially think illogical since it cannot be used on our daily lives such as when buying products in Supermarket.

According to the article of Hazel Lewis entitled "10 Reasons for Studying Algebra", she explained that Education should not only focus on the information or skills which we use every day. But in reality, something that we do not usually hear, see, and use in our daily lives is difficult to learn. Also, according to the article of Michael Crow entitled "Why is it so Hard to Learn Math?" he compared algebra to spoken or written language. He explained that in a typical language class, when a student makes a mistake, a teacher corrects the part that is wrong and then the student proceeds while in mathematics class, if you didn't get the correct result, it is treated as wrong. Mistakes build after mistakes too much that the students give up mathematics and say, "I can't do math." There are three possible reasons why algebra is hard. First reason is that students are not taking algebra seriously thinking that they can recover from a failing grade on previous quarter like what they usually do on other subjects. Algebra should be mastered step after step since the topics previously discussed will still be used on the current topic. Second reason is the method being used by the teacher. Patience is the key in teaching algebra since most of the time you will be teaching again the basics of algebra in order for your students to understand the current concept. It is also right to show different techniques in solving such problems. Let the students choose their own way solving algebraic problems. Lastly, the reason might involve the combination. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that Algebra is essential in our academic life.


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