Selection of cloth for the manufacture of napkins

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Every hostess knows that the atmosphere in the house is created from trifles. So, ordinary napkins can transform the kitchen and turn everyday meal into a cozy family feast. Napkins perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function. And to sew them yourself is extremely simple.

Selection of cloth for the manufacture of napkins


The material for the manufacture of napkins should be dense, but light, easy to wash and keep the original shape. Traditionally, for sewing table linen using the following types of fabrics: cotton; linen; satin. Cotton napkins are best suited for everyday use, as they are not easily soiled and retain their shape well enough. The flax and satin version looks more festive, but at the same time there will be much more such washing and starching elements.

Materials and tools

The tools and materials needed for making do-it-yourself napkins are easy to buy at any sewing store, and some of them probably exist in your home:


  1. the cloth;
  2. thick threads;
  3. fine needle;
  4. scissors;
  5. sewing machine
  6. chug;
  7. pen (for marking).




Conventionally, the color palettes used in the manufacture of napkins can be divided into several groups: pastel colors; golden and silver colors; saturated noble colors (purple, emerald, indigo, etc.); classic colors (white, pearl). The choice of colors depends solely on your desire, but at the same time napkins should be in harmony with the tablecloth and the overall design of the hall, both in color and in texture.

 Harmony means not only complete color matching, but also a good contrast or mix. Choose a shade of napkins, if you pick them up under the tablecloth, easy enough. For this you need to take into account the density of the material. In the case when the napkins are inferior in density, they should be a couple of tones darker. If the material of the decorative elements and the tablecloth are the same in structure, feel free to choose napkins of the same color as the tablecloth.

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