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Hi, you can not promote your page, our team will always help you with this so that your business will flourish. Contact us https://fr.all-smm.com/ . In social networks, people discuss everything, including your business - whether you like it or not. Well, or start to discuss when you are a little older. If you do not participate in this, then you are missing clients. It is not right. Many users of social networks, like I once, have a misconception about what is marketing in social networks. They think that SMM is to publish funny pictures on behalf of the company and follow the growth of the audience. It turned out that this is absolutely not the case. Most likely, you already know that marketing is how a company communicates with the outside world in order to make a profit. SMM is one of the marketing channels, namely social media marketing. Portrait of a target audience. When you communicate on behalf of a company, you see who subscribes to you and who does not; who actively interacts with the content; who is interested in the product; what kind of pain the audience has and whether the product helps to get rid of it. Presence in social networks and contact with the audience helps the company to better understand its requests and adjust the content and product in accordance with these requests. Reach and mention. The more company content is distributed on social networks, the higher brand awareness. If a person sees the publication ten times that your service is the best and most convenient, when he has a task that the service solves, first of all he will remember the most mentioned company capable of solving this task. Not necessarily with the highest quality product! Involvement in social networks is called likes, reposts, comments, link clicks. It is important to monitor the level of engagement in order to publish content that will hook the subscriber and force them to interact with it, rather than fly down the tape.

Comments are important for collecting feedback about the product and content and working out the negatives that can be associated with them - how you communicate with customers publicly, see everything. This item is especially important for ecommerce projects and Internet services. Through social networks they attract customers to the main sites and promotional pages of advertising campaigns: they collect leads, registrations and email addresses, sell goods and services, track conversions - useful actions that occur on the site.


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