10 Tips on How to Become an Oceanographer

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Oceanography is the use of math and science to study the interaction between the atmosphere, oceans, the biosphere, and continents. Oceanography provides an in-depth understanding and predicts how oceans work, as well as how to take the best advantage of ocean resources. We have explained in this article tips on how to become an oceanographer in the future. Below are the essential tips you should note:

1) Take As Many Science And Math Classes As You Can In High School

If you want to pursue oceanography as a career, then you should start well with your studies. Thus, you should be properly prepared by taking science and advanced math classes. Take exciting classes like biology, earth sciences, biology, geology, physics, geography, among others.

2) Take After School Or Summer Programs Related To Science And Math

Enroll in summer programs that teach students about various career paths through math and science. You can surf the internet to search for a program that is not available in your school. You can also join a science club or your school mathletes.

3) Explore Volunteer Opportunities

Many nature and wildlife organizations are looking for volunteers. Search for a research marine or wildlife program online. Doing volunteer work will make you familiar with your industry.

4) Choose The Type Of Oceanography You Will Love To Study

Deciding the kind of oceanography you want to study will help you to choose the required majors and minors to have your degrees in. You can choose to study oceanography like biological oceanography, physical oceanography, among others.

5) Get Your Bachelor's Degree In A College

You can get your bachelor degree in biology, physics, geology, or geology. Also, some colleges offer a bachelor degree in marine biology. Having a degree will give you the necessary knowledge and experience.

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6) Attend A Graduate School To Obtain Your Master's Degree

There is a various field of oceanography. You can proceed for a Master's degree in any field of interest in oceanography. In the Master's degree, you will focus on a particular kind of oceanography.

7) Get Your Ph.D. In Oceanography

As an Oceanographer, you should get a Ph.D. degree in a particular field of oceanography. Obtain a Ph.D. degree in oceanography from any school with the best facilities, resources, and training. Best schools for oceanography are Duke University in Durham, University of California, among others.

8) Obtain Professional Certification In Oceanography

Although, you do not need certification to be hired. Professional certification will make your salary high. You obtain certification from professional groups like Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS)

9) Find An Internship

You can get an intern offer from organization or schools as either a student or a graduate. You will have a better chance of getting an excellent job with an internship. You can get a proper placement through your school advisor and mentors.

10) Get A Job

Many organizations hire professionals in oceanography. Employers pay an average oceanographer salary of $65,214. Also, you can be hired by an oil company.


To study oceanography, you must study science and maths. Please abide by our above-discussed tips. Good luck!

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