What can be done to Fix Printer is Offline in Windows 8 Issue?

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Have you been noticing that your Printer is always offline in Windows 8? It is very common that you may face such an issue after updating your system to Windows 8.

But, there isn't a need to worry about the problem because it is actually easy to eradicate the problem for an effective printing. Now, if you are looking for options to troubleshoot the Offline Problem manually then we are here to provide you with proper instructions.

What are the steps to Resolve Printer is Offline Windows 8 issue?

First, take a look at the methods which will help resolve Printer is Offline Windows 8 issue. Also, keep it mind to follow the instructions very carefully-

1. Start by checking your Printer Sharing Status

2. Thereafter, the connecting cables between your printer and the system.

3. You can eradicate the 'Use Printer Option' by following a few basic steps.

4. Try to install new drivers, and replace any corrupted drivers.

5. The last method is to update your Windows 8 software.

If you had any hurdles in following the methods then for expert assistance. Your issues will be resolved in no time with Printer is Offline. If these do not work then hop on to the other methods to eradicate the problem completely-

1. Go to the 'Start' button

2. Then, from the 'Control Panel' of Windows 8 go to the option for 'Printers and Drivers'.

3. When you see the option for 'Printers'. Click on it.

4. Now, select to 'See What's Printing'

5. In case, you find any pending printing jobs then make sure to get it paused. After fixing the offline option, you can select the 'Resume' Option.

6. after, following all the steps you can test if your printer is working or not with Windows 8 operating software.

Also, reach out for professional help if you are unable to resolve the issue. 


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