How to Instantly Fix Brother Printer is Offline Mac

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We are sure that you have landed on this page since your printer isn't responding to any print commands, right? Now, this happens because the communication between the computer and the printer has been disabled, and hence Brother Printer Says Offline on Mac. And, the barrier can pop due to a number of varying reasons.

For instance, the Brother Printer may not be connected to the Wi-Fi network or the USB connection is not secure. If you can figure the problem well out, then troubleshooting Brother Printer is Offline Mac issue ain't difficult. Rather than battling your brains out, try following the instructions we have stated below.

Learn Beneficial Ways to Troubleshooting Brother Printer Says Offline Mac Problem

We have got your back in this, simply go through the methods mentioned below to get rid of the offline problem-

1. First, Start by Checking if your Brother Printer's Connection is Secure

Most often we do not even know if the connections are set properly or not. At times, we may have a faulty cable or a power outlet may be damaged. So, checking all of it is more necessary than you know.

2. Get a peep at the Printer Tray to Check for a Paper Jam Error

A paper jam issue can be a major reason to why your Brother Printer is Offline at the moment. So check if you have enough papers or not, and also if the ink levels are adequate for printing or not.

3. Set the Brother Printer to Default

Below we are mentioning some of the steps which will help you with the process.

- Go to the Apple Menu.

- Then, choose System Preferences

- Now, open the option which says 'Printers and Scanners'.

- When you see the drop down menu, go there and then set the printer to default.

4. Pause or Delete All Pending Print Jobs

Too many print jobs in queue can stop your printer from printing and arise the offline problem. Make sure that you delete them up for the time being and then try checking if the issue is resolved or not.

5. Reinstall the Brother Printer

All times your OS will not figure the printer, and hence all commands fail to go to the printer. In such case, you can easily reinstall the Brother printer. Then, restart the printing device and see if the method worked or not.

These methods should definitely serve their purpose at resolving the Brother Printer is Offline Mac issue. In case, a hindrance persists then do not hesitate to reach out for professional help.


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