How can you Fix Brother Printer Offline Wireless Issue

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A wireless printer makes the task of printing even easier. However, if you are worried about a Brother Printer Offline Wireless problem, then don't worry we have a few ways to help you correct the problem at ease.


Brother Printer Offline Wireless- learn how to resolve?

Below we are mentioning some of the worthy methods which you help eradicate the offline problem. You can use these tricks when you do not have the time for a technician.

1. Replace or Upgrade Faulty Hardware

Always make sure that you keep a good check on your Brother Printer's hardware and drivers. If you haven't taken care of drivers or hardware's then replace them or simply get upgraded at the earliest possible.

2. Restore the network Connection

It is important that you keep checking the network connectivity. If you see a problem then get it fixed immediately.

3. Check for a Paper Jam issue

Now that you have started wondering, it is possible that due to a paper jam issue your printer may have gone 'Offline'.

Here are some steps if you don't know 'How to Resolve a Paper Jam issue?'

- Start by turning off your Brother Printer

- Then, open all the printer doors

- Now, be extremely careful when you pull out the paper scraps from your device.

- Make sure that not even a bit of paper are left.

- Now, align appropriate printing papers.

- Turn on the Brother Printer and test for printing.

4. Restart Print Spooler

If you didn't know then print spooler are mostly meant for controlling the printing jobs which are sent from a system from the printer.

1. Press Windows button along with the R key at the same time.

2. Then, enter 'services.msc'.

3. Now, hit on the 'Enter' key or simply click 'OK'

4. You will reach the 'Services' window now.

5. Find the option for Print Spooler service here and restart it.


If you still continue to face the same Brother Printer Offline Wireless problem then reach for technical assistance at the earliest. 

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