Printer Error -How do I fix Canon Printer Offline Mac

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Has your Canon Printer suddenly stopped working? And, is your work getting delayed?

Honestly, these are all issues which relates with errors of the device such as an offline error. Today, we are particularly going to discuss about this issue in a more OS particular way. With basic as well as standard troubleshooting instructions we are going to help you out with Canon Printer Offline Mac problem.


How to Bring Back Canon Printer Offline Mac to Its Online Status?

If you are using Mac OS while your printer just went offline, then these instructions are certainly going to help you out.

Basic Steps to Reset Apple's Canon Printing System

1. Firstly, click on the 'Apple Menu'.

2. Secondly, select 'System Preferences' option.

3. Then, go to the option for 'Printer and Scanner'.

4. You now need to right-click on the option for 'Reset Printing System'.

5. After that enter the required username along with the password.

6. Hit 'Ok' and then wait for a couple of seconds until you see the list of printers clean.

7. Finally, you can now re-add your device and the Canon Printer Offline issue will be resolved.



Standard Troubleshooting for Offline Canon Printer Mac Issue

1. Always start with checking all the wired connections of the printer, and if you own a wireless device then check if the network connectivity is proper from the router.

2. If you find an added printing device, then make sure to remove it up.

3. Get to removing your printer and re-adding it to the system.

4. Check the print queue. If there are way too many pending print jobs, then remove all of them up.

5. Finally, try to reconfigure the entire printing system.


These methods should surely help you out at troubleshooting Canon Printer Offline Mac issue. In case, you have a problem while following up with the problems then take help from certified printer experts. 

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