Do-It-Yourself Christmas Advent Calendar: 5 Steps to Make It

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The days leading up to Christmas are the most exciting part of the holiday season. The trees, the treats, and even the sheer joyous ambiance fill you with delight. 

Counting your way to Christmas is always fun, especially with an advent calendar. The entire world has embraced this German tradition of welcoming Christmas with different versions of it. 

Almost every brand has come up with a particular advent calendar for the season, filled with exclusive products and amazing gift options. 

This year, instead of hunting the shops for new ways to announce Christmas, take it upon yourself to create the perfect calendar. You can make a model and reuse it for many years to come and make it a tradition for your family. 


Decide on the Theme 

The toughest decision of the whole process comes at the very beginning, which is deciding on the theme for the calendar.

The Internet is filled with thousands of inspirational ideas for advent. Some are easy to make, while others would require you to invest some time and significant effort into it. You might even want to delegate your custom essay assignments and other responsibilities to professionals before setting for this. 

Before you start shuffling through the ideas, consider the following things. Are you making one big calendar for the entire family? Or are you opting for separate small ones for each member? Are you planning to reuse the model? Once you have figured out all these, it would be easier to proceed. 

Decide on the Goodies

Traditionally advent calendars are filled with candies. But you can always be creative with what to place in boxes. This gets even more interesting part if you mean to personalize the fillings for each person. 

If you have kids at the house, not only candies but, say, story snippets will also work. If you are making a calendar for your partner, you can include romantic notes. 

If you have the time for it, do not hesitate to add baked goodies as well. You can make them fresh every day and refill each item for the next day. Cookies, cupcakes, craft items, toys, accessories, inspirational messages; the list of goodies could go on. Do not hesitate to get creative with your project. 

Make It a Family Project 

While the goodies could be the surprising elements, there should be no reason for the kids and others not to get involved with the project itself. It would be a fun way for the family to spend time together, cutting, gluing, and what not? This could even turn out to be a tradition for your family. 

If you are staying in a dorm room, get your friends together, and make a calendar together. There is no need to stress on how inventive you can get with the goodies and surprises when you are having fun with friends. Wrap your miniature gifts for the number of days you would be spending together. 

Make It a Kindness Project 

When you pile up the gifts for each day of the advent, use this as an opportunity to teach kids the importance of Christmas and its essence. Devise an inspirational message or an act of kindness for each day. Helping a stranger, doing house chores, or even smiling to a neighbor could be a valuable lesson to the young minds. 

In 2018, a school in Norfolk introduced a project called Reverse Advent Calendar. The students brought in different items such as food, clothing, and more from houses and gave these away on each day of the Advent. 

This encouraged them to be kind and get actively involved in helping others. You can ask your family to put one item on each day and donate them by Christmas or the end of the year. 

Be Environmentally Conscious

Despite bringing a hit of glitter to Christmas, Advent calendars also contribute to a big pile of plastic every holiday season. If you are choosing to make it a DIY project, why not go one step ahead and contribute to the betterment of our planet by celebrating a green Christmas this year? 

Did you know that a majority of wrapping paper can not be recycled? By using reusable material and avoiding plastic, you would be taking a very conscious step towards going green. You can use recycled materials such as plastic coffee cups or painted plastic boxes to make the calendar. 

Also, wrap your gifts in environmentally-friendly paper, or even newspaper. The best thing to do would be to make an Advent Calendar that can be used for a couple of years. 

Wrapping Up

Everyone loves Advent calendars. Whether they are modern or traditional, simple or complex, the sense of awaiting a special day gives you a wondrous feeling. What do you have in mind for your family this year? 


Here we have the list of steps you need to take to succeed with your DIY calendar.

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