Brother PC210PRW has some good features. It also performs well.

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Brother PC210PRW is a 50-stitch computerized sewing machine and the stitches include 5 eyelets in one step. It comes with a 2 digit LED display. Arrow keys are provided for stitch selection. The stitch length and width adjustments are made by adjusting the slider, which is an exclusive design pattern of this machine. Most Brother computer machines have '+' and '-' buttons or arrow keys for adjustment. PC420PRW, which is considered the high-end model of PC210PRW, also has a different design than this machine. It seems that Brother has a special design for PC210PRW.

You can thread the machine easily by following the threading diagram and there is an automatic needle threader to make things much easier. The top placement coil is another feature that makes the life of a sewer much easier (these features are usually expected on machines like these). As Brother PC210PRW is a computerized sewing machine, you will have the luxury of sewing the start/stop button and the speed control slider (you can sew without the pedal). You can sew fast or slow according to your requirements. Beginners will always have better results when they go slowly. The programmable needle up / down button is a great blessing for quilters. The thread tension dial is provided under the top cover of the machine.

You can adjust the presser foot pressure on this machine. There is a direct feed option for free-motion padding. This machine is also capable of the free arm. Two bright LEDs remain illuminated in the Brother PC210PRW workspace. The workspace on this machine measures 4.1 x 7.4 (H x W). The maximum sewing speed that can be reached is 850 stitches/min. The machine weighs 17 pounds, which is on the average side, neither too heavy nor too light. A carrying handle makes it even more portable. The machine has a 25-year limited warranty. It comes with a hard protective cover. It comes with 6-foot accessories too. There is a built-in accessory compartment to store your accessories.

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Easy to use

The automatic threader and the winder work exactly as they are supposed to (if something goes wrong, an error message will appear). The programmable needle up / down button is very convenient since you do not need to turn the handwheel to place the needle. The quality of the buttonholes made in this machine is absolutely wonderful. The performance of Brother PC210PRW is perfect. It is very quiet too. Sew through multiple layers of denim and other thick fabrics quite easily. The slow speed setting in the speed control slider is really useful while it is just beginning. Even if you go very fast, there is no instability (no vibrations).

If you want to tie the stitches, there is an automatic back button. The automatically set stitch width and length seem to work well for most stitches (however, you can adjust it, if you want more custom stitches). A manual thread trimmer is provided on the side, so you can minimize the use of scissors (there is no automatic thread trimmer like the one you get in PC420PRW).


Probably one of the biggest problems with Brother PC210PRW is that it does not have a source for basic monograms.


  • stable
  • Good quality stitches.
  • Easy to use


  • Without monogram source
  • Without automatic thread cutter

Review Verdict

Brother PC210PRW is an easy-to-use computerized sewing machine that runs smoothly.

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