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Crafty Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Purse

comments (20) March 25th, 2009     

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Two bottle bottoms plus a zipper and thread = awesome little keeper for whatever you need to stow.

Two bottle bottoms plus a zipper and thread = awesome little keeper for whatever you need to stow.

Photo: Zita Schnitt

In case you haven't seen it all over blogland, I wanted to share this awesome remake of soda bottles by industrial design student Zita Schnitt. The purse shown was made from two 20-oz. soda bottles, a zipper, and some stitches. I think this would be the perfect carrier for crafty accessories. I actually have a few containers that are very much like this that I use it to keep all of my stitch markers, yarn needles, and other fiber accoutrements close to the couch (without having them spill into our seating). With the approach of Easter,  you could even make a few special eggs to hide for the hunt.

Do you have other ideas for reusing plastic bottles? If so, please share in the comments.

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Comments (20)

suzeqz writes: I have a crocheted purse pattern which calls for the center of the bottle, but no idea how to use the bottom or the neck. These little "snack containers" are great! I have a pretty heavy-duty sewing machine; I'm going to experiment with different needles. And I love the guitar pick idea, craftypat. And cathyfromyokohama, you should start your own topic thread -- your cat-food-bag-grocery-tote idea is too clever to be a sidenote in someone else's thread. I'd love to see photos!
Posted: 10:00 am on August 12th
AlwaysJer writes: I actually did this craft from an article in FamilyFun Magazine last year. I used clear 2 liter bottoms, light pink zipper (sewn to the outside instead of the inside), dark pink thread, and attached a white grosgrain bow where the zipper ends met to cover the juncture. Daughters have used it to jingle little toys around inside and it has been much loved. In other words it is no longer picture ready ;)
Posted: 4:59 pm on September 8th
cathyfromyokohoma writes: Hi everone.This doesn"t have anything to do with plastic bottles, but cat or dog food bags. I saw this in a quilting boox last week.I have several large cat food bas around here. I cut the top & bottom of so I mostley had the cats on them I used the top of the bag for the faceing at the top & used cloth belts from clothes that I never use (hate belts) except for crafts. I pined the handles on just like on any other bag I sewed the faceing & hadnles on. Then sewed the bottom of the bag I you have a neat grocery bag or tote bag. The first one that I made I took it to a park for a cookout & a lady just fell in love with it so I gave it to her. Made both of our day. CAthy from japan
Posted: 4:13 pm on August 22nd
Scrapknitter writes: I have been recycling plastic bottles for over 25 years. Yarn holders, toilet paper holders during camping, upside down plant watering containers, plant holders, bird feeders, dog treat toy, funnels, party treat holders, vases, etc., I have added ribbons, paper, duct tape, and even paint, But I never thought to add a zipper. Love this Idea!!!!
Posted: 3:59 am on August 11th
scottsmommy writes: I would be more inclined to use fishing line as the 'thread'.
Posted: 12:27 pm on May 4th
suesells writes: Uses for round or squared plastic bottles:
I cut off tops to use as funnels for pouring soup or stew into quart jars for freezer.
I cut off tops and use bottoms to root airplane plants or other greenery over the winter. Easy to see when they need water.
I made drawstring bag using bottom & sides of old bleach bottle, make it twice as tall by stitching band of fabric together, drawstring at one end. The other end is machine stitched to the cut edge of the bottle. It holds craft supplies or hair curlers or small toys. Machine washable.

Posted: 12:51 pm on June 18th
Sewing2enjoying writes: I actually made this out of a larger, litre bottle. I took it to a Homemaker's Spring Fling in our county where members displayed recycled items made for other uses. It was very popular and many people stated their children/grandchildren would love it as a purse! I made holes with a large T-pin and large safety pin. Then I sewed the zipper but learned to leave some additional space around the actual zipper teeth so it would zip open and closed more easily. I also did not know what to do with the end of the zipper, whether it should meet the other end of the zipper or whatever, so I left about 1-1/2 inches between those two ends and used very tiny ribbon as a "hinge", using an "H" form with an "X" in the middle threaded through four more holes (larger), and then with a very tiny drill bit I made a couple holes in the top of the container to use a piece of ribbon as a handle. It turned out really well. I showed it as a sewing kit. I hope some of this helps anyone who is interested in making one.
Posted: 6:32 pm on May 16th
LindaPermann writes: SewHappy56- There are no instructions online, but if you look through these comments and play around with it you should be able to figure out a pretty good technique. I bet kids would love this project.
Posted: 3:10 am on April 19th
sewhappy56 writes: This would be a great craft project for camp. Where can I find the directions?
Posted: 2:07 pm on April 18th
pickle_soup writes: I like the idea of using this for kids snacks (or even mine- I always take a baggy of almonds in my purse!) so I think I'd like to put my zipper on the outside, and use a nylon zipper so it wouldn't hurt to wash it. I think you could attach it by laying the zipper's outside edge next to the edge of the plastic- like right sides together- sew and then when the zipper was turned up- you couldn't even see the stitching. But some topstitching along that line would look cool, too, with a decorative thread or heavy craft thread.
I like this idea soooo much. I am going to make as a reward for getting my taxes done! I only have 2 weeks. Ha! I'd rather be crafting!
Posted: 1:35 am on April 3rd
AprilValentine writes: Thanks for the tips -- I'm going to try making it now!
Posted: 11:23 am on March 29th
cassie69emt writes: you could use this for snacks for kids or even decorate it to put small gifts in
Posted: 12:19 pm on March 28th
SewDanish writes: They are pretty cool :-)
Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies
Posted: 2:05 am on March 28th
LauraMM writes: also... Memory Makers and many other brands make Hole Piercers that would go right through this type of plastic... (that would be to avoid the glue and keep on sewing)
Posted: 10:14 am on March 26th
LauraMM writes: Ooh... very cool. I think you can a use glue to adhere the zipper - first open the zipper so you can work with it, glue it and getting your hands in there.

Then use some paper fasteners (actually called binder clips) to clamp the fabric part of the zipper to the plastic. And let it dry that way.

So cool... My kids would love to hold their change in something like that!
Posted: 9:21 am on March 26th
LindaPermann writes: AprilValentine-
I agree, you need to make the holes first. You can find teensy hole punches at most craft stores, which would probably be the easiest or you could also use a needle to pre-pierce the holes. I even think you could glue the zipper to the bottle, although you might want to add a trim on the outside to hide whatever the glue looks like through the bottle.
Posted: 8:34 pm on March 25th
kitschader writes: I think you just have to make the holes for the thread in the bottle first, maybe with a small nail or something like that and it looks like she used nylon thread (hope I used the right word, my english is not so good).
I think I am gonna try this.
Posted: 6:12 pm on March 25th
AprilValentine writes: I wish there were some directions for how to make this. I looked everywhere but apparently, there are none given. I can see how the bottles have been cut but I have no idea how the zipper is to be attached. Any suggestions? Or are there directions somewhere else? I have not seen this "all over blogland" so would appreciate even a little insight into how to construct it. Thanks.
Posted: 5:22 pm on March 25th
arosebyanyothername writes: this is one of the coolest things i have ever seen!
Posted: 2:19 pm on March 25th
craftypat writes: Great idea! Soda bottle plastic is so easy to work with. I cut out guitar pick shapes and attatch them with a jump ring to a chain to wear around the neck. They fall nicely to really dress up a plain top. I also use the bottoms as bowls to hold many, many little things on the shelves in my craft room. I find them indespensible because they are just the right size and I can see their contents.
Posted: 1:02 pm on March 25th
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