How to Make a Sewn Necklace

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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For more contrast, mix and match a variety of jewels.
Necklace by Ranjana Khan
Necklace by Ranjana Khan
For more contrast, mix and match a variety of jewels.

For more contrast, mix and match a variety of jewels.

Photo: Jack Deutsch

In the fall '08 issue of SewStylish, we showed you how to make a necklace using organza, ribbon, and sew-on jewels. While looking at the inspirational catalog from Neiman Marcus today, I came across this necklace by Ranjana Khan. The necklace retails for $1,200, and is very similar to this project I made for less than $20. The project was originally called the "Bijoux Necklace," but I still like to refer to it as the joke name we had around the office while we were working on the issue: "Nikki's Disco Dickie."

My original inspiration for this project was a necklace by Burberry from their fall '08 collections. Chunky jewels have been a runway staple the past few seasons, embellishing everything from shoes and headbands to hemlines and jewelry. Get the look quickly with organza (don't worry; it's easy to sew) and faux jewels. A ribbon makes the necklace adjustable for a chocker length or longer. You can also enlarge or reduce the size of the template to any dimensions you like.

What You'll Need:
1/4 yard of organza
3/4 yard of 5/8-inch-wide velvet ribbon
Assorted sew-on jewels
Sewing machine
Hand-sewing needle


Sew the organza pieces together   Pin the organza pieces together, sew around the edges and trim the seam allowance.

1. Print out the template available here. Cut two organza pieces using the template. With right sides together, pin them, and sew around the edges with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Leave a 1-inch hole at both ends for the ribbon. Trim the seam allowances to 1/8 inch.

Turn and press the organza   Turn and press the organza piece.

2. Turn the necklace right side out. Press the edges flat.

Insert the ribbon   Insert the ribbon.

3. Turn the raw edges at each end under and press. Cut the ribbon in half, and insert one ribbon 1/2 inch into each hole of the necklace. Topstitch each ribbon in place along the organza edge.  

Arrange and sew the jewels in place   Arrange and attach the jewels.

4. Arrange the jewels on the organza. Hand-sew each one in place. You may find it easier to glue them in place first with fabric glue so they won't shift during stitching.

Finished Necklace    


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Comments (14)

kemarlady writes: I am so glad I found this, can't wait to make one for my abaya. Thanks alot!
Posted: 11:56 am on July 30th
Mel2010 writes: definitely have to try this...thanks :)
Posted: 5:21 pm on July 3rd
CraftyMamma86 writes: Wow, this is really interesting! Thank you for sharing.
Posted: 11:57 pm on January 15th
jmgumba writes: thanks for posting.. love it and I'm excited to make one like this..:)
Posted: 6:35 am on December 4th
janaesjewels writes: Searched high and low for a Bib pattern...Thank you for providing!
Posted: 11:46 am on November 22nd
LyndsayBee writes: I'm making this for a fancy Army function that I'm going to with my sweetie! I think I'm going to go for the tiny beading in between the bigger beads like the Ranjana Khan example. Lots-o-work -- but I think it will be worth it! Thank-you for this tutorial! With this, I hope to be the Belle of the ball!!
Posted: 8:28 am on July 28th
msnew007 writes: I love this...gonna have to make one!
Posted: 12:03 am on July 27th
dwhitecreations writes: I love it.
Posted: 5:43 pm on July 5th
MissBeadAlot writes: this is so cute!
Posted: 5:07 pm on July 4th
AthenaWeaves writes: Thank you for the post. I have noticed the shift in necklaces with designers like Marni. I'd say more but I'm off to try making my own....let you know how it works out.
Posted: 11:55 pm on July 2nd
loveMaegan writes: oh it turned out gorgeous! I've been wanting to make one and do a DIY myself but you've already done such a fabulous job!
Posted: 1:25 am on June 29th
MBerger writes: Thanks for the copy edit tsailee. It is not recommended to shift without a "t" during stitching :)
Posted: 9:38 am on June 27th
NewSewer0108 writes: I've been looking for something like this the past month. I saw a similar one by Vera Wang for about $1200. I'm lookin forward to making this too!
Posted: 9:14 pm on June 26th
tsailee writes: Awesome tutorial, Nicole, but I think you may have left out the "f" in the last paragraph (hee hee!)

Can't wait to try it!
Posted: 4:56 pm on June 26th
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