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How to Sew Cuffed Shorts

comments (3) July 31st, 2009     

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Here SewStylish Simplicity shorts pattern #2657 is updated into 3 different looks.
Here SewStylish Simplicity shorts pattern #2657 is updated into 3 different looks.

Here SewStylish Simplicity shorts pattern #2657 is updated into 3 different looks.

Photo: Jack Deutsch

A classic pair of shorts is all you need for summer. With some basic pattern manipulations, you can make a pair of cute and cropped shorts from any shorts or pants pattern. Here we used SewStylish Simplicity 2657, but you can use any pattern with a straight-legged silhouette.

For more details on how to make more variations on this shorts pattern, check out SewStylish Spring '09.


1. Determine the finished length of the cuffed shorts. In this case, the finished length is 7 inches fhorter than the original length. Then, decide the cuff depth. Here, the cuff is 1 1/2 inches deep.

2. Draw a line across the pattern at the desired finished length. Cut the pattern along the finished length and attach a new papter that's wider than the leg along the cut edge.

  3. Draw the cuff. Mark three parallel lines below the finished length line--two 1 1/2 inch apart and the third 3/4 inch below. Cut the excess tracing paper off at the third line.


  4. Fold the cuff pattern. Fold the cuff under on line 1. Then, fold both layers up through the finished length line


  5. Straighten the seams. Fold line 3 under the short. Then, cut through all folds along the side and inseam cutting lines. Unfold the pattern to see the new cutting line.


6. Cut the fabric and sew. Assemble the shorts, following the pattern guide sheet up to finishing the cuff. Press the side and inseam seam allowances open.

7. Sew the hem. Turn the hem under along line 1, and machine-stitch the raw edge to the shorts. The finished cuff hides the stitching. Press

  8. Tack the cuff. Fold the cuff up on the finished length line. Hand- or machine-tack the cuff at the inseam and side seam to hold it in place


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Comments (3)

sophiecai writes: great....gonna learn it....thanks
Posted: 9:52 am on February 17th
sewitall writes: as kids, we always got a pair of our jeans we wore during the winter and were now too short, and cut them off for summer wear; we all need to get back to that idea of reusing what we have; even buying a pair of pants on clearance and cutting and sewing the hem into any length of shorts or crops and embellish the hem as you want with buttons or ties
Posted: 9:17 am on August 6th
catspajamas writes: Another way to achieve cuffed shorts is to use a pair of full-length pants that you no longer want. I had some khakis that were worn on the bottoms. I cut them off - but made sure I had enough fabric to turn up a big hem that could turn back on itself - in a cuff. I wear them more this way than I did as pants ... and it took almost no time at all.
Posted: 10:42 pm on August 5th
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