Project Runway Ep. 3 Recap

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Mitchell & Ra-mons designs which produced the winner and loser of this weeks challenge--a Project Runway first.
Johnny & Irianas designs with macrome details. These won second place this week.
Shirin & Carol Hannahs designs. The first was a dress that transformed into a swimsuit.
Mitchell & Ra-mons designs which produced the winner and loser of this weeks challenge--a Project Runway first.

Mitchell & Ra-mon's designs which produced the winner and loser of this week's challenge--a Project Runway first.

Photo: Lifetime


What says California more than surfer wear? It was only a matter of time until the cast of Project Runway found themselves on the beach in LA. And Tim Gunn in flip flops? Perfect.

This week's challenge was the first this season where the contestants had to pair off and create garments as a team. And of course in classic Project Runway style, each team was forced to create a second look at the last minute.

I was surprised at how well many of the contestants worked together, and astonished at how badly others clashed, but what's good reality TV without a little arguing, really?

Personally, I think that Louise & Althea and Shirin & Carol Hannah were robbed without even a mention from the judges. The zipper details Louise and Althea made at the last minute was incredibly impressive and Shirin and Carol's look was probably one of the only ones I could actually see on the beach.

Scroll through the images below and vote on your favorite.

*Behind the scenes images courtesy of Brother sewing machines, the official machine sponsor of Project Runway










The Project Runway sewing room

Epperson works on his design.


Christopher hard at work at the sewing machine.


Logan working on his design.


Mitchell sewing at the machine.


Ra-mon sewing the winning designs.


Louise sewing the zipper-detailed bodice.

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Comments (3)

sewinl0ve writes: What is up with Nicolas and Gordana's blue mermaid legging chaps? Looks like they skinned that opera singer from the 5th Element and pasted what was left of her legs on top of the outfit. Yuck!
Posted: 1:32 pm on September 10th
emmyt writes: I also did not think Mitchell and Ramon's items were that good. I do agree that Mitchell should have left or the other one to go should be Qristyl.
The one change I would definately like to see is less bitching from the contestants and more comments from the judges. How else will they learn if they don't hear what the judges think of their outfits instead of just short little comments. I just know that is what I would like to see.
This is the only reality show I watch just because I'm not a fan of all the backstabbing.

Posted: 8:30 pm on September 9th
MsKirko writes: OMG, I totally thought Shirin and Carol Hannah were going to win this! I can't believe they weren't even in the top 2!

I did NOT think Mitchell and Ramon's stuff was that good! That dress did not embody surfwear even a little bit!

I'm so glad that Mitchel left. He should have left last week. I am still reeling over the shock that they let Melvin go! He was my favorite...

Epperson should have gone, maybe, if not Mitchel. Doesn't look like he can really work with others...
Posted: 7:36 pm on September 9th
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