How to Sew an Extra Layer in Your Garments For Added Warmth

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Create a cute, cozy jacket by winterizing a lightweight jacket pattern such as Simplicity SewStylish 2570 shown here.
Eco-friendly fabrics are not just good “green” choices; the “give” of the natural fibers can flatter your figure as well.
Synthetic-fiber insulation such as Thinsulate and Primaloft comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Choose a lightweight variety for a jacket suitable for warmer weather.
Create a cute, cozy jacket by winterizing a lightweight jacket pattern such as Simplicity SewStylish 2570 shown here.

Create a cute, cozy jacket by winterizing a lightweight jacket pattern such as Simplicity SewStylish 2570 shown here.

Photo: Jack Deutsch
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Add the Interlining

Interlining just the body will warm up any jacket, but if you want extra warmth, interline the sleeves as well.

1. Cut out the body and lining patterns. Then, cut the interlining from just the major garment pattern pieces: the front, back, and sleeves (optional). You don't need to interline facings, cuffs, or collars.


2. Attach the interlining to the fashion fabric before you sew the main garment seams together. The object is to hold the interlining to the fabric just long enough to get the seams sewn. The traditional method is to hand-baste around or through the layers from the wrong side, back, shoulder seams, and any other major horizontal or vertical seams. But you could also use temporary spray adhesive to hold the layers together.


3. Trim the seam allowances. Very close to the seamline, trim only the interlining. This eliminates the bulk a double layer adds.


4. Sew the darts through both layers. Then, use small scissors to cut away the interlining layer to expose them, as shown below.

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Comments (8)

SusanneBendtner writes: I'm definitely doing this with my autumn jacket. It's gorgeous but not warm enough.
Posted: 5:31 am on January 21st
user-4571276 writes: Wish I had seen this before I made my jacket, but since the weather here in the UK is unseasonably warm I am not too concerned. I will remember for my next project.
Posted: 9:28 am on January 7th
Fabric1869 writes: This is a great tip. many of the girls in our office would love it... *sends email around*
Posted: 5:59 am on May 29th
roselynbette writes: I wish I read this earlier this year when it was colder... Will be prepared next time!
Posted: 2:58 pm on April 5th
Jessica_Louise writes: I simply wear more layers when it's colder outside.... cheaper and much less hassle ;-)
Posted: 8:37 am on February 9th
Posted: 12:02 pm on December 10th
AHH writes: Sorry, but the last section of this tutorial, which is how to assemble all 3 parts, outer fabric, interlining, and lining, together, needs more clarity. Such as, what is the 5" opening on the lining's side seam for, turning the garment right side out? And a bit more explanation is needed for the sleeves - if the lining sleeves are sewn to the lining body, what does "Sew in the sleeves on both sides" all about?
Posted: 10:25 am on December 10th
TeacherTeacher writes: i wonder if i could adapt this to not only add a layer of warmth but also to add that layered look without the bulk?
Posted: 3:34 pm on December 8th
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