How to Make a Coin Purse

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Every sewer undoubtedly has one: a stash of fabric a mile high just waiting to be used up. And if you’re a thrifty sewer, you probably have a few items you just haven’t fi gured out what to do with yet. For me, it was a broken umbrella with a too-cute-for-words fabric that I just couldn’t bear to part with. Then it hit me: why not make a chic little coin purse from this adorable print?

In this article, I’ll show you how to create your own coin-purse pattern and sew up cute (and if made from umbrella fabric, water-resistant) change purses from your fabric leftovers. You’ll also learn how to apply a metal snap purse frame. Quick and easy to sew, these purses make super gifts. Depending on the size of the purse frame you choose, you can also create makeup bags, pencil cases, and more. (You can bet I’ll be doing that with the rest of my umbrella fabric.) And, if you make them from fabric scraps, you’ll get that little glow of pride knowing you’ve used up every last piece.

What You'll Need:

• Fabric scraps for outside and lining fabric (We used fabric from a broken umbrella.)
• Heavyweight interfacing
• Iron
• Metal snap purse frames (,, or reclaimed from an old, unwanted purse)
• Pressing cloth
• Scissors
• Thread to match

Salvage fabric to make cute little purses
If you already have a broken umbrella you’ve been saving, now’s the time to get it out! Or, you can troll the thrift stores for used umbrellas. If you’re using fabric scraps, skip to step 2.

1. Remove the fabric from the umbrella. Cut the tiny threads that hold the umbrella fabric to the umbrella apparatus so the fabric pulls away in one piece. To remove wrinkles, use a pressing cloth to lightly press your fabric on a low temperature.

Remove the fabric from the umbrella.

2. Trace the frame.
Place the purse frame on pattern paper, and trace around the outside of the frame. Mark the bottom of the frame hinges. Then, draw the desired shape of your purse. You can make it any size you wish. Here, we added 1⁄2 inch around the outside of the frame. Angle the sides of the bag to give it some more space, if you desire.

Trace the frame.

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Comments (8)

reecii writes: Your blog is very informative and your purses design is very stylish.So I like this purses design.Thanks for sharing with us
Posted: 1:19 am on December 21st
amyswan writes: It's really very nice and creative!!
Posted: 11:51 pm on February 16th
wharrison writes: I think I will try this tomorrow!
Posted: 10:37 pm on August 20th
HallieHandy writes: I haven't made them this way, sewn in I mean. I made larger ones and glued the frame. I used the tutorial and metal purse frames I got from
My very first one came out awesome! Easy and fun!
Posted: 12:03 pm on June 10th
Wificus writes: I'd really appreciate if someone can clarify step 5. It says: "Turn the fabric and interfacing piece right-side out, pushing out the corners. Next, with right sides together, place the fabric piece inside the lining. At the top edge, sew one side of the lining to the fabric piece, using a 1⁄4-inch seam allowance and starting close to the previous sewing. Repeat on the other side."
So when I place the fabric/interfacing piece inside the lining the rights sides are together, correct? And then according to the picture, it looks like I sew them together & in step 6 it says I will have a "clean edge at the top" but if I sew them together, where is the opening to the purse? I already made two purses, and these directions really confused me, so I deviated from them at step 5. I'd love to know what the creator was doing though.
Posted: 9:47 pm on December 8th
wenger05 writes: hahaahaha, firstly, we need a purse frame.
Posted: 6:24 am on May 15th
WoodPondDesigns writes: I love making little purses and this looks like a fun project.
Posted: 9:05 pm on January 20th
berkley123 writes: tooooooo cute
Posted: 11:16 am on January 9th
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