What sewing project are you most proud of?

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What sewing project are you most proud of?

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Comments (7)

gramaamary writes: I am making the Rosette necklace from the winter 2009 issue of Quick Stuff to Sew. What fabric glue was used to adhere the fabrics together? I purchased some fabric glue today and the fabrics will not adhere to one another.

Thanks you,
Posted: 10:44 pm on January 25th
Tana55 writes: My first ever project, is one that makes me proud. I took newspaper outside with a marker and laid down onit and traced around my upper body. I then took this in and made a pattern for a tank, crop top. I then found some fabric and cut out and sewed this top w/ruffles and lace. I wore it for almost a year. After then it was smaller than I was. I have been making my own patterns and clothes since then. What makes me most proud is the fact I was only 10yrs old at the time. I wish I stil had that top. I would frame it in a shadow box for my sewing room.
Posted: 9:39 pm on January 25th
jgflo writes: I am most proud of a wedding quilt I made this summer in just 6 weeks. The unusual invitation printed on a beautiful poppy print inspired the quilt. I found all the poppy fabric on line and used the invitation, printed on fabric as the label. I would love to add the pictures but don't think that I can do that on this site.
Posted: 9:05 pm on January 25th
Luvat1stsew writes: I am most proud of the Pink Wedding dress, I recently sewed for my oldest daughter. We designed it together and it took nearly a year from ideas to gown. I read everything about couture and enjoyed the whole process. It was a labor of love and when it looks beautiful on your daughter, it seems so worthwhile.
Posted: 8:31 pm on January 25th
LynnD writes: I'm proud of two recent ones, for very different reasons. One is the group of 16 aprons I made (lightweight denim) for a volunteer program we're involved in. We cook and serve meals to the needy at a church, and the aprons are looking very sad. It is great to see us all in nice, clean, tidy aprons, all with pockets.

The second one is a Sandra Betzina pattern I recently made--it is her jean jacket type short jacket with lots of topstitching. Many parts, quite a bit of work. I made it out of tan organic cotton twill with matching topstitching so that I could wear it with jeans. Most of the last 30 years I have rushed through projects so that I would have them to wear quickly, unlike when I was a teen and experimenting and taking the time needed to do it right and learn along the way. That's what I did with this jacket. Fits great, looks great, and I love it. Perfect!

Posted: 8:28 pm on January 25th
sdpacenka writes: I am probably most proud of my wedding dress. Having grown up in the town where Threads was first published, I have been an avid reader since it's inception. After I designed my dress, made my pattern and was finished sewing it, one of your vintage dresses on the back cover looked so much like my dress that I had to call my mother in astonishment!
Posted: 6:04 pm on January 25th
jeo50 writes: I am most proud of my Family Tree quilted wall hanging. Done in a Snowball block pattern there are 3 generations of our 2 families, my husband's and mine. It hangs in my living room and I often catch my self staring at it!

Posted: 5:58 pm on January 25th
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